Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

You can harvest our fast version weed seeds as soon as possible. Since you will be gathering a few weeks earlier than with conventional seeds, we promise that you may increase your production with our fast version marijuana seeds. To make planting easier for you, we additionally guarantee that our seeds are top-quality and will fully germinate. Order your fast version marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds Canada.

What are Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds from “fast versions” strains have been genetically altered to blossom more quickly than regular marijuana seeds. If you want to cultivate cannabis seeds quickly and get higher harvests in a short amount of time, this variety is ideal. If you grow it indoors, you can also save more cost because it takes much less time to grow and harvest, using less artificial lighting. The fast version cannabis seeds are a hybrid of feminized and autoflowering weed seeds, giving it some of its best qualities and making it faster to bloom.

What are the benefits of growing Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Fast version weed seeds have several benefits, one of which is increased yield in a short amount of time. Cannabis producers can produce a significant amount of cannabis in as little as 6 weeks by utilizing fast version seeds. Additionally, it makes growing simpler because a fast-growing cannabis plant would require fewer resources to maintain. After all, it develops and flowers more quickly.

What is the difference between Fast Version Cannabis Seeds and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Fast version cannabis seeds are marijuana seeds that are a combination of photoperiod and autoflowering marijuana seeds. It will take the trait of the parent seeds into one, meaning it will be dependent on light and will flower in a short period of time. Unlike autoflowering which does not depend on light cycles and will flower automatically, the fast version seeds somewhat depend on light cycles as it will determine how long their vegetative stage will last which can either be extended or reduced. Another key difference is the size and yield, growing fast version seeds can produce larger plants with more yields compared to growing autoflowering seeds.

Where to buy Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Fast Version cannabis seeds can be purchased quickly and conveniently in Canada. Firstly, go to and browse our enormous catalog of different categories. You can select the pack size, which runs from 5 to 25 cannabis seeds, once you’ve determined the strains you want to buy. We accept Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers, and cash on delivery as forms of payment. After paying,  All that’s left to do is wait a few days for your premium marijuana seeds to arrive securely at your doorstep.

How to grow Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Since the roots are exposed to nutrient-rich water in a hydroponic garden, fast version cannabis seeds will grow even more swiftly. However, if you don’t have the equipment or knowledge required for hydroponic farming, dirt will do just fine. More light is preferable in terms of illumination. Plants can grow faster, stronger, and healthier with more light. A lighting schedule that includes appropriate darkness will also be advantageous to plants since roots develop more effectively in the dark. To promote flowering, your fast version weed seed strains should be started on a lighting schedule of 20/4 or 18/6 before being moved to a 12/12 lighting schedule. Harvest. Don’t hurriedly harvest the plants. Investigate the best drying and curing methods before harvesting. Your cannabis plant should have a lot of pistils and trichomes before harvesting.

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