Strawberry Milk Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

Exhibiting the sweet and fruity flavors of its original strain, the Strawberry Milk Fast Version is an Indica-dominant weed that has very little known information about its true origins. The pungent richness and pleasant flavors added in this little strain compensate the notion of how users perceive this weed as the least desirable. In addition, the THC levels of around 15-20% make this a potent weed that has the ability to produce a double combination punch of Indica and Sativa effects. And it does not fail in providing its users a highly relaxing and gently calming both the body and mind. Created in a fast version, this Indica hybrid grows vigorously and finishes flowering earlier than usual. The Strawberry Milk Fast Version may not be the most delicious strain but its effects are quite well-balanced, making it an herb that is worthy to consume.

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Strawberry Milk Fast Version Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: No Data
Flowering Period: 7 weeks
Climate: Warm/Temperate/Sunny
Yield: 450-600 G/M² indoor / 500-800G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Strawberry, Sweet, Fruity, Berry, Sour
THC Level: 15-20%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: No Data
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Milk Fast Version?

Almost similar to its original variant, the flavor profile and aroma of the Strawberry Milk Fast Version is quite an enjoyable combination. The nugs exude a recognizable fruity edge with distinct strawberry notes that are blended with fresh sweet berries. It brings on a very smooth and tasty smoke, producing that sweet and sour mix when the buds are ground up. On the other hand, this weed’s flavors are somehow quite delicious with evident tastes of sweet berries on the exhale and strong tones of fresh fruit that’s accentuated by a slight touch of sourness.

Typically, a cerebral onset and wonderful mental stimulation can be instantly experienced by its consumers. As this energetic head rush and mental activity continue, it is great for boosting productivity to go on with the daily tasks. Also, it gives users the confidence to face social situations. The effects then transition to a euphoric yet intense and a bit sedating relaxation that can be experienced by the entire body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Strawberry Milk Fast Version?

Strawberry Milk Fast Version’s best advantage is its effective sedating qualities to treat a wide range of medical concerns. Firstly, this weed can help treat several mental health disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Thanks to its euphoric effects, it actually makes for an excellent anti-depressant. Secondly, this delicious strain can be highly beneficial at easing body pains all over the body. The Strawberry Milk Fast Version is very effective in alleviating migraines, muscle tensions, body pains, and cramps, and headaches. Eating disorders such as anorexia and appetite loss caused by medications and treatments are also successfully treated by this weed. Lastly, its deeply relaxing and sedating properties can help users overcome sleeping problems like insomnia and sleeplessness.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Strawberry Milk Fast Version

The most common downside of this strain is having to experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. Users who have a low tolerance to THC may experience headaches and feelings of dizziness. When taken improperly or in higher amounts, it can overwhelm the inexperienced and can eventually lead to couch-lock. This strain may also distort the senses.

How to Grow Strawberry Milk Fast Version?

Containing both Indica and Sativa characteristics, the Strawberry Milk Fast Version grows rather quickly and finishes from seed to harvest in just a swift 7 weeks. It can also reach rather tall heights and thick plus sturdy branches that easily carry the weight of its dense buds. The plant’s structure also enables it to thrive in conditions such as strong winds and colder climates. Breeders can also cultivate this Indica plant both indoors and out. Since this plant can get taller, methods like the Sea of Green and Screen of Green can help manage its structure and also help to significantly increase the plant’s yields. Moreover, it thrives best in a warm and temperate climate. Cultivators can expect to collect yields of up to 450-600 G/M² indoor and 500-800G per plant outdoor during October.


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