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Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

With the best genetics available on the market, our regular marijuana seeds are renowned for being top-notch and premium nothing less from Crop King Seeds. Whether you are just starting your journey in growing cannabis seeds or want to keep harvesting, we have something for you. Regular marijuana seeds are your best option if you want to grow female and male plants in your yard. To get started cultivating your marijuana plant, place your order right away right here at Crop Kings Seeds Canada!

What are Regular Marijuana Seeds?

The cannabis seeds that are most similar to their origins are known as regular marijuana seeds. Since nothing is being genetically manipulated to make it, it is the purest form of marijuana seeds. Since this seed variety tends to be more challenging to grow than feminized and autoflowering seed varieties, most cultivators who utilize it have previous experience growing these seeds. Breeders also frequently cultivate these seeds since they always persist in making a breakthrough and find brand-new strains that have never been seen before.

What are the benefits of growing Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Since regular weed seeds have stronger and more resilient genetic makeup than their feminized cousins, they make great mother plants from which to take seedlings. Growers can copy their favorite plants after they have been planted to create exact clones of them. Because male and female plants may be produced, growers can generate both blooms and pollen. Once you’ve obtained this rich genetic material from male marijuana plants, you’re free to begin creating your cannabis seed strains with the traits you desire.

Where to buy Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds can be purchased quickly and conveniently in Canada. Firstly, go to and browse our enormous catalog of different categories. You can select the pack size, which runs from 5 to 25 cannabis seeds, once you’ve determined the strains you want to buy. We accept Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers, and cash on delivery as forms of payment. After paying, All that’s left to do is wait a few days for your premium marijuana seeds to arrive securely at your doorstep.

How to grow Regular Cannabis Seeds?

The first step is to sprout your marijuana seeds whichever you choose. The next decision is whether to plant it outside or indoors based on the advantages and downsides of the strains that you purchased. Then, carefully evaluate whether the fertilizers, watering, airflow, and humidity are ideal for the typical marijuana plant. Harvest. Don’t rush to harvest the plants. Investigate the best drying and curing methods before harvesting. Your cannabis plant should have a lot of pistils and trichomes if your cultivating is done correctly.

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