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Transplanting cannabis

How to Transplant Cannabis Seeds

Over the years, the field of cannabis cultivation has witnessed remarkable expansion, driven by the growing demand for recreational and medicinal purposes. One crucial aspect

What is 710: Stoners Must Know

What is 710: Stoners Must Know

Happy 710! This greeting may be strange to you, and you may think about a different number first. But tokers who prefer dabbing know more

Make Moon Rocks Like a Pro

Make Moon Rocks Like a Pro

Haven’t you heard about moon rocks? Are you curious about it? Are you interested in learning about how to make moon rocks like a pro?

can you donate blood if you smoke weed

Can You Donate Blood if You Smoke Weed

Nearly 5 million Americans receive blood transfusions every year. Every two seconds, someone somewhere needs blood. Unfortunately, only 10 percent of the eligible population donates.

List of Most Expensive Bong

List of Most Expensive Bong

Bong is probably the most common and most popular smoking device used around the world. This is mainly used for smoking marijuana for recreational purposes.

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