Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with easy flowering and good yields. This sweet strain has a creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, and relaxing effect ideal for anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and pain. It is not an easy strain to grow but may be cultivated in temperate and sunny environments.

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Crowd-pleaser Candy Cannabis

Candy Punch regular seeds do exactly what in its name could do. Candy Punch has a sweet fruity outrage that fills with a hard-hitting punch effect. You may not feel it first, but it quickly rushes into your head and makes you become creative while having physical buzz. Such effects stay into your whole body into a couple of hours until you fully revitalize by its punching effect. Candy Punch regular seeds are mostly Sativa hybrid that offers a balanced amount of THC that gives a reason why it becomes a crowd-pleaser.

Growing the Candy Punch regular seeds is quite easy to grow so that there is no need to have usual facetime. It grows into a medium plant that can thrive in most given areas. Growing it indoors, just maintain a semi-humid level with a temperate climate. The flowering period takes up to 65 to 70 days until its flowers are fully mature. Indoors, also yield about 500 grams of punching buds each square meter. While outdoors, where it can bask itself under a temperate climate, it also produces up to 500 grams of buds each plant.

1 review for Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Kai Burton

    Kai Burton

    I prefer this strain because it literally drives me crazy! Candy Punch Regular Marijuana is amazing to observe its buds sprout as it grows. I can cultivate it even in my room and I just let it in there with light ventilation. When I try to take a hit, it lingers down to my throat and punches my mind and body with an orange fruity slam! Also a sudden cerebral buzz can be felt as the smoke leaves from my mouth and lasts for a long time. I recommend this train for you to try!

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