Black Haze Regular Marijuana Seeds

Black Haze marijuana is a Sativa leaning hybrid with a 60% to 40% Sativa to Indica mix. This weed is full of energy and is the perfect weed to provide a kickstart to your day! Coming from a genetic lineage that includes 2 Columbian landraces in Columbian Gold and Columbian Black, crossed with the energy engaging Purple Haze cannabis strain, this weed’s effects provide that boost that both recreational and medical cannabis users will love. With a THC level of 22% and a CBD content of 1%, this heavy-hitting weed will provide that mental spark combined with a deep body high for that great balanced high. This wake and bake strain has a cult following and has given pleasure to so many users since the ‘60s.

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Black Haze Regular Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Colombian Black x Colombian Gold x Purple Haze
Flowering Period: 11 – 14 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Semi-humid
Yield: 350 – 400 grams
Flavors: Berry, Cherry, Earthy, Woody (pine)
THC Level: 22%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: late September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Haze Regular?

Black Haze cannabis strain effects start with a mellow mental lift that soon gets stronger as it progresses. It provides the user with an intense head rush that will elicit feelings of euphoria and mood upliftment. Mental clarity soon after gives the user a more focused approach to things and details seem to be more enhanced. A sudden jolt of energy gives the user that needed push to keep on going and coupled with a clear-headed focus makes for a very productive smoke. Many claims that this boost in energy is like taking more than a few cups of espresso as the vigor and animation of the user will be very noticeable. As it heightens more, the user will find himself more talkative and the urge to converse with anyone in the workplace is very evident giving their co-workers a likable impression about him. As the Sativa cerebral party starts to level off, it paves the way for the Indica to weave its magic. A warm fuzzy feeling will crawl down the nape and spine sending goosebumps all over and a feeling of total calm will ensue. The user is placed in a state where all is tranquil yet the mind is still constantly awake and alert. But beware if you are in the workplace as this weed often stimulates arousal and it would be best to be at home or in the arms of your partner when this starts to take effect. The great thing about this weed is that indica effects do not weigh down the user!

If the weed stimulates a party in the mind, you will also be awestruck once you catch a glimpse of the weed. They have very dark purple coloration that appears to black from afar. Blue hues and greenish tints are also visible in the leaves and buds. To add drama to its appearance, the crimson-colored pistils add that accent to the weed with a coating of thick silvery-white trichomes covering every inch of the buds. Just as mesmerizing are its aroma and flavors as it has a pungent earthy scent that blends with cherries and sweet berries scents. Light the bud and you get a more enhanced level of earthiness that has hints of pungent berries. As the smoke is exhaled, a note of herbal potpourri-like scent will be clinging to the tongue as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Haze Regular?

With a combination of intense cerebral stimulation, body heavy relaxation, and a high THC count, Black Haze strains have a lot to offer medical cannabis-wise. Medical cannabis doctors often prescribe this weed to patients suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and stress. The mood uplifting qualities and the euphoria it gives its patients are a perfect combatant to fight these mood disorders. This weed can make the patients forget the traumatic experiences and cynicism that continue to bother them daily and are instead replaced with a positive mental attitude where the user displays an aura of confidence and motivated demeanor. Those suffering from minor pain-related disorders can also look to this weed to provide them that alternative form of medication and not having to rely on the potentially addicting pharmaceutical opioids. Its sedative and analgesic properties offer to relieve the pain being suffered by these patients by numbing the body and providing that pain-free state to its patients.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Black Haze Regular

Being a very potent cannabis strain, it is normal to feel dizzy once this weed is taken for the first time. Over time the dizzy spells will diminish as the mind and body get used to the high this provides. Consuming too much of this weed may lead to a very intense cerebral stimulation that may cause paranoia and anxiety especially to the uninitiated. It is recommended to take it slow when consuming this weed. Experiencing dry and red eyes is a common occurrence and just applying a few drops of lubricating eye drops will help alleviate the irritation.

How to Grow Black Haze Regular?

Growing Black Haze regular cannabis strain will need a little marijuana cultivation knowledge for them to thrive and be happy. They love to grow in warm, sunny, and semi-humid climates. Keeping the humidity levels low will help prevent the formation of molds and mildew which are very bad for the plants and can wipe out an entire crop if not properly addressed. Exposing the plant to cooler nighttime temperatures just before it starts to enter the flowering stage will help induce the purple and blue coloration of the plant and add its potency and enhance its flavors. This plant will start to flower and will be soon ready for harvest thereafter, in 11 to 14 weeks, and produce yields of 350 to 400 grams of top-quality Black Haze buds!


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