Gelato Regular Marijuana Seeds

Gelato Regular Marijuana Seeds is a high THC, mostly-indica cannabis strain. This is a tall strain with high yields up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. With 22 percent THC, you will feel calm, creative, focused, energetic, happy, hungry, and relaxed.

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More About Gelato

Flavorful Sorbet-Like Taste Cannabis

Gelato regular seeds come from the combination of the Gelato #45 into Girl Scout Cookies. Containing a 25 percent THC level offers a top-quality flavor such as sweet sorbet-like with fruity blueberry and orange taste. During the first puff, consumers may smell a sweet and lavender citrus fragrance with a pine notes effect. Having such flavorful taste, Gelato regular seeds most admire its excellent effect.

Growing the Gelato regular seeds is best to do in an indoor area with organic or hydroponic soil. Even though it is mostly Indica, the high that it offers cannot leave you high or couch-locked. It is also best to grow by experienced growers that have enough experience in growing cannabis. Providing an optimal condition, the plant can produce a heavy number of resin more than what growers expect.

The Gelato regular seeds usually reach a height up to 6 feet tall in a controlled setting. The yield that it gives can reach 500 to 700 grams under a growing care and right diet nutrients. The flowering period takes about 60 to 65 days from seed to harvest. In the outdoor setting, the result may be more than worth the effort if it provides a temperate and sunny climate. A whopping harvest about 700 grams per plant when the harvest period falls within the early month of October.


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