God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

The God Bud Strain produces average quantities and has a reputation for being unique and rare. This hybrid strain, which has a bit of an Indica influence, is known for being a great smoke at night. Canadian in origin, this strain Geneticists combined the Hawaiian landrace strain and Purple Skunk to produce a fluffy, aromatic flower that quickly gained popularity among Indica enthusiasts. Because it is difficult to grow, this strain must be cared for by an experienced cultivator. Crop King Seeds guarantees to provide God Bud Strain cannabis seeds of the highest possible quality when you purchase them. Weed seeds of the highest possible quality and germination rate are guaranteed by our online seed bank.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
Dominant: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.10%
THC Content: 14-22%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate-difficult

What is the God Bud Strain?

The High Times Indica Cup is one of the awards that the strain has received in the past. In Vancouver, British Columbia, dispensaries favored it. When grown correctly, the strain is very fluffy and covered in trichomes. The trichomes produced by this strain are so numerous that the buds may even appear white from a distance. It has a pleasant aftertaste due to its earthy flavor and a hint of citrus and tropical fruit from its Hawaiian heritage. This Indica-dominant cross is between the extremely dank Hawaiian and Purple Skunk strains.

Notable breeders created this bud, which has a THC content of 15-20 percent. God Bud can now be found all over Colorado and the West Coast. God Bud is a well-known and well-liked strain of cannabis that is known for giving users a strong feeling of euphoria, a lot of creative energy, and a lot of sleepiness without causing a lot of side effects. Patients frequently compare the high of God Bud to being transported to and from heaven.

Growing Information of God Bud Strain

The God Bud strain has a moderate to difficult growth difficulty. Due to its difficulty, it is not recommended for novice growers. It is likewise a high-support plant as it requires broad pruning to monitor its shape. This plant has dense buds and a lot of branching, as was mentioned earlier. Therefore, growers will need to use trellises to support the plant’s branches in addition to pruning and training. This will make it easier for air to flow through the buds and give them enough room to grow between them.

How to Grow God Bud Strain

This strain can be grown both hydroponically and in soil. However, it grows best outdoors in warm, sunny conditions. A God Bud plant can survive in colder environments. However, this strain grows best at temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is highly recommended by experienced God Bud growers for indoor cultivation. A God Bud plant also needs a lot of food. Therefore, top-dress it with organic nutrients to ensure the highest possible yield. God Bud flowers indoors for 7-8 weeks, and the best time to harvest outdoors is mid-to-late October. The SOG method yields approximately four ounces of bud per square meter on average for indoor growers. A yield of approximately three ounces per plant is typical for God Bud growers who cultivate their crop outdoors in a climate that is both warm and pleasant.

Medical Benefits of God Bud Strain

People with anxiety and despair can successfully reduce their stress levels thanks to God Bud, which is also quite helpful in treating a variety of mood-related conditions. By bringing about a state that is conducive to sleep, this strain may also assist insomniacs. God Bud is an excellent medical variety that is frequently used to alleviate symptoms of chronic stress and stress itself. It works well because it can relax and soothe people, allowing them to let go of anything that might be making them feel down daily. This blend is likewise truly adept at treating a large number of infirmities connected to torment. God Bud is capable of relieving migraines, persistent headaches, muscle spasms, and other muscle and joint issues in addition to providing sufferers with much-needed comfort.

Strain Aroma

God Bud has a wonderful smell that causes to be noticed its magnificent impact on the users. It has a sweet aroma that will make you think of chocolate and a soothing, earthy scent that makes its sweetness even stronger. The strong aroma of this plant will surprise even the most seasoned smoker.

Strain Flavor

The earthy-sweet flavors of this God Bud strain make smoking it more enjoyable. On the tongue, God Bud has a skunky taste that is followed by a hint of sweet chocolate flavors that will make you want more.

Strain Appearance

This plant, which has a lot of branches and the genetics of a Purple Skunk, produces a lot of purple buds that are dense and big. God Bud’s blossoms are thickly covered in trichomes, and the leaves are prominently covered in bright orange pistils. A Divine being Bud plant commonly develops to a level of three to four feet and is moderately little and minimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is God Bud indica or sativa?

God Bud’s effects are almost entirely from its Indica side, despite the fact that it has Sativa and Indica parents in its lineage. Jordan of the Islands, a well-known Canadian seed bank, was the one who developed God Bud. They blended a practically unadulterated Sativa strain called Hawaiian with an extremely impressive purple Indica strain to make the ‘God Bud.’

What is the flavor of the God Bud strain?

The powerful effects of God Bud immediately overwhelm users with a sedative high. With flavors of tropical fruit, this strain has overtones of cherry, lavender, and pine. God Bud, according to growers, produces huge, thick, short, purple-tinged buds.

What is a God Bud’s high feel?

Patients frequently compare the high of God Bud to being transported to and from heaven. This Indica-dominant cross is between the extremely dank Hawaii and Purple Skunk strains.


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