Amnesia Lemon Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Lemon Strain contains both euphoric and stress-relieving properties. So, if you want to start your day peacefully, start with Amnesia Lemon. This Strain may be the right choice for you if you’re a heavy smoker looking for a strain that can both energize your mind and soothe your body. The Amnesia Lemon (Regular) Strain is known for providing users with an upbeat feeling and an energizing body high, which can both relieve muscle tension and provide users with a completely relaxed feeling that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. This seed variety is available at Crop King Seeds and can be purchased with a single tap on your phone or online! What exactly are you waiting for? Place your order now! This will become a daily ritual for you.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Amnesia Haze x Lemon Skunk
Dominant: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
CBD Content: 0.7%
THC Content: 17-21%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is the Amnesia Lemon Strain?

The hybrid was created by crossing two parent strains, Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk. The Amnesia Lemon Marijuana Strain is composed of 60 percent Sativa genetics and 40 percent Indica genetics. Amnesia Lemon has become one of the best marijuana strains available since winning the Sativa Cup in 2012. Since then, the variety has grown in popularity in Amsterdam and is now widely available in a variety of stores. It spread to other continents from South Asia, where it first appeared. Because it leans more toward the Sativa end of the spectrum, Amnesia Lemon produces a stronger cerebral and head high.

Growing Information of Amnesia Lemon Strain

The Amnesia Lemon strain grows quickly in both indoor and outdoor environments, reaching a medium size with bushy solid branches and dense, resin-covered, zesty buds that produce a decent yield. Indoor plants with a distinct shapes can reach a manageable height of 110cm in 60-65 days. When grown, this citrusy specimen emits a strong odor, so we recommend using carbon filters. This cannabis strain is a Sativa that blooms quickly. Blooming takes only 8-10 weeks, according to growers. This plant is usually ready to harvest in early October when grown outdoors. However, the diversity of its genetics may influence its flowering time range.

How to Grow Amnesia Lemon Strain

Growing it discreetly can be difficult for some due to its strong aroma. The marijuana’s small stature makes it an excellent strain for indoor cultivation. It grows best in organic soil when grown in a controlled environment. Growing quality marijuana necessitates the use of humic acid, vitamin B, and other supplements. It also needs to be trimmed so that the lower leafage receives adequate light and air circulation. Raisers show a satisfied smile after reaping 500 grams per square meter. Although the shrub prefers the warm Mediterranean climate, it also grows well outside.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Lemon Strain

The 100% Sativa composition of this marijuana produces strong cerebral effects. The Amnesia Lemon strain provides sedative, calming, and euphoric effects. Some experienced users report initial bursts of energy and a slight body buzz. Individuals feel soothing effects, as well as warmth, spreading throughout their bodies a short time later. Amnesia Lemon produces a strong high that envelops the body in tranquillity and induces sleep. Because of its high THC content, this strain is best for experienced smokers in the evening. This weed will undoubtedly help you get carried away after a long day of work or while engaging in creative endeavors.

Strain Aroma

The strain’s scents may be even more complex and appealing than its incredible flavors. Before taking a few Amnesia Lemon buds from the bag, prepare your nose for notes of lime, lemon, sandalwood, hashish, musk, earthiness, grape, apricot, and nectar.

Strain Flavor

In addition to the aromatic fragrance, flavors such as ginger, licorice, and marshmallow can be detected. These, combined with intriguing fruity musky, and earthy tones, make it fascinating to breathe in while relaxing. Amnesia Lemon has a distinct citrus flavor that is enjoyable, but it blends with another complex, subtle characteristics that give the strain a herbal flavor profile. Users have compared it to specific teas.

Strain Appearance

The Amnesia Lemon Strain is a moderate plant with bushy, strong branches and densely packed, resin-coated, zesty buds. The petals of this variety are covered in blanching glitters that look like glitter, and the area around the buds has a fabric texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amnesia Lemon Sativa or Indica?

Amnesia Lemon, a Cannabis Cup-winning Indica/Sativa (60/40) strain, was created by Barney’s Farm Labs and Soma. Amnesia Lemon is a fascinating strain due to its citrus aromas and other diverse herbal overtones, some of which are sweet and unexpected.

How quickly do amnesia lemons mature?

The Amnesia Lemon hybrid is a medium-sized plant with bushy strong branches and dense, resin-covered, zesty buds that produce a good yield. It has an easy growth problem in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor plants can reach a manageable height of 110 cm and develop a distinct shape in 60-65 days.

What negative effects does Amnesia Lemon have?

Strong effects on the brain are produced by this marijuana, which is entirely Sativa. The Amnesia Lemon strain has euphoric, sedative, and calming effects. Initial bursts of energy and a slight body tingling are reported by some seasoned users.

2 reviews for Amnesia Lemon Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Kristin Flournoy

    Kristin Flournoy

    This strain helps me with my insomnia and calms my body. Amnesia Lemon’s fragrance is reasonably sweet and slightly herbal, fruity, and spice. Amnesia Lemon essentially has a powerful head impact and is very stimulating and thrilling, but also affects the body. This strain is best grown indoors and this is a medium-sized plant. Its flowers are thick crystal buds.

  2. Avatar for Ty Daniels

    Ty Daniels

    Surprisingly fast flowering! This Amnesia Lemon regular seeds can be grown indoors using organic soil as a growing medium. Expect a very resilient, medium-sized, and aromatic cannabis plant. Flowers showed up on the 60th day and harvest will be enormous with dense crystal buds. Its delicious fruity flavors complement well with its earthy and citrusy aroma. A cerebral high will give a satisfying sensation that lingers throughout the body. Its body high perfectly calms me and helps me with my body pains and insomnia making me sleep well at night. Get them if given the opportunity, definitely worth a try!

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