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The cannabis revolution has aided in the advancement of extreme genetic growth among Sativa and Indica strains. Few businesses have taken advantage of this area’s potential as an effective variety. It’s easy to see why the BC Bud Depot team was so eager to share their masterpiece with the rest of the world. The Regular BC God Bud Strain is a potent Indica with properties powerful enough to relieve existing pain in your body and can keep you confined to your bed. Crop King Seeds has the seeds for sale. We only sell seeds that have been cultivated to the highest standards by our seed genetic experts. Contact us from Australia and join our growing community. Order immediately to begin growing your own plant.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
Dominant: 75% Indica 25% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: 4%
THC Content: 27%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is the BC God Bud Strain?

This strain has many accomplishments, including being a multi-awarded strain and a consumer favorite. BC God Bud strain kills many birds with a single bullet, which means it has multiple effects in a single shot. It has the ability to target both the mind and the body, turning you into a God. Growing this strain in your backyard or indoors is a game changer. The BC God Bud Marijuana Strain got its name from its potently high effect on the body. Given that euphoria will be automatically induced in your body, you can expect to relax and pump your day if you give this God a shot. A crossbreed of God, Purple Skunk, and Hawaiian with a THC level of 27% and a CBD level of 4% will give you a euphoric high.

Growing Information of BC God Bud Strain

The growth difficulty of the God Bud strain is rated as moderate to difficult. Because of its difficulty level, it is not suitable for inexperienced growers. It is also a high-maintenance plant that necessitates extensive pruning to maintain its shape. As previously stated, this plant has dense buds and heavy branching. Growers will need to use trellises to help support the plant’s branches in addition to pruning and training. This will improve air circulation and allow the buds to grow with plenty of space between them.

How to Grow BC God Bud Strain

This strain can be grown both in soil and hydroponically. It does, however, perform best when grown outdoors in a warm, sunny climate. One advantage of God Bud plants is that they are said to be resistant to common molds and mildew. A God Bud plant can withstand colder temperatures. The ideal temperature for growing this strain, however, is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medical Benefits of BC God Bud Strain

God Bud is best used in the late evening due to its sedative effects. BC God Bud is a calming strain that is suitable for both experienced and new users. God Bud is an excellent way to unwind after a long day because it releases stress with each exhale. For their alleged therapeutic benefits, the cannabis community looks to BC God Bud seeds, one of the strongest Indica strains available. BC God Bud, a powerful Indica with a cerebral undertone, is ideal for treating chronic stress, migraines, mood disorders, and anxiety. God Bud also provides more advanced levels of relief, which may be useful for treating sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Strain Aroma

The BC God Bud strain imparts flavors such as pine, lavender, and berry aromas upon inhalation. The fruity, tropical scents of the plant that gave it its name suggest that the crop was grown correctly.

Strain Flavor

The BC God Bud Strain’s bud structure is a vibrant green with purple accents. This variety has a strong earthy aroma with a sweet finish that almost resembles chocolate. Throughout the entire experience, users describe skunk, pine, sweet notes, and a potent earthy bite, demonstrating how this distinctive scent lends itself to even greater flavors.

Strain Appearance

The BC God bud stands out because it has a lot of white, sticky crystal trichomes that bind to the bud and beautiful orange hairs. The Purple Skunk strain’s ancestry gives the buds a deliberate flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is God, Bud?

BC Bud Depot sells feminized, regular, and bulk seed packets of BC God Bud. God Bud is one of BC Bud Depot’s most popular strains. BC Bud Depot, a recognized agricultural pioneer, works tirelessly to increase its breeding capacity.

What is God Bud's CBD content?

The CBD content of the majority of God Bud genotypes is around 0.10%. BC Bud Depot, on the other hand, discovered a 4% CBD-containing pink pistil phenotype of its God Bud strain. The God Bud strain is extremely popular in the world of medical cannabis. Because of its calming and energizing effects, it is a popular strain among people who suffer from chronic stress.

What exactly is the god Bud strain?

The Purple God Bud strain, also known as the God Bud strain, is a well-known Indica-dominant hybrid (60:40) with high THC levels and an enigmatic genetic history. After winning the BC Bud Depot Cannabis Cup for “World’s Best Indica,” these seeds must live up to some extremely high expectations.

What exactly is BCBC God Bud?

BC Bud Depot sells feminized, regular, and bulk seed packets of BC God Bud. God Bud is one of BC Bud Depot’s most popular strains. BC Bud Depot, a recognized agricultural pioneer, works tirelessly to increase its breeding capacity.

1 review for BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Harriet Norman

    Harriet Norman

    This strain is incredibly perfect!! It is exciting to cultivate and observe its flowering phase. It really yields massively after i done LST! I recommend to provide proper circulation because I used to do them and I never regretted it. It literally made myself calm and relaxed upon using, the sweet and citrusy taste of it linger. I’ve sent this to my friend for them to try because it does satisfy my crave! I love it!

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