24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

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The 24K Gold Regular Strain has a strong euphoric high and a buzz that relaxes the body. When you smoke a joint of this plant, you will experience a powerful high and bliss. After a few puffs, Kush’s smoke fills the room with a delicious, fruity aroma. After the smoke has settled on your tongue, you can still taste the orange flavor. This will bind you to your couch for the rest of the day. Because of its high THC content, growers prize the 24K Gold Regular strain. It is a high-yielding, high-quality hybrid that is simple to grow. When you buy 24K Gold Regular Strain Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds, you will have a one-of-a-kind experience! This will become a daily ritual for you.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Tangie x Kosher Kush
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
CBD Content: 0.2%
THC Content: 18-24%
Growing Difficulty: easy

What is 24K Gold Strain?

The 24k Gold strain is primarily Indica. It produces a euphoric and sedative effect. Tangie and Kosher Kush were combined to create this strain. The Netherlands, located in northwest Europe, is where 24k Gold Regular marijuana originated. This Indica-dominant strain is known for producing massive yields with THC and CBD levels ranging from 18% to 24% and a CB content of 0.2%. In addition to its potent fruity citrus flavor, expect this Indica dominant strain to be relaxing and ecstatically high.

The 24k Gold Regular Strain is ideal for beginners because it can be grown indoors or outdoors and thrives in temperate continental or subtropical coastal environments. Even though it is a small plant, it can produce up to 500-550 grams of edible shoots per plant. Its strong kush flavor, combined with fruity citrus hints of pepper on the finish, will induce euphoria and body relaxation. Furthermore, this strain of cannabis has traditionally been preferred by both recreational and medical marijuana users.

Growing Information of 24K Gold Strain

To keep your plants’ height under control, we recommend training them early in their vegetative stage. Regular pruning will keep their shape more compact and will aid in the distribution of air, light, and energy to the growing buds. A 24K Gold plant requires dedication and patience because it has a relatively long indoor flowering period of around 9-10 weeks. The extra effort will be worthwhile in the end because 24K Gold yields approximately 16 ounces of bud per meter squared. 24K is ready for harvesting outside by late October. It has a higher outdoor yield of 21 ounces per plant.

How to Grow 24K Gold Strain

Experienced 24K Gold growers report that this plant is difficult to cultivate indoors. It does, however, thrive in a sunny, warm, semi-humid climate. This plant grows quite tall during the vegetative stage and spreads significantly during the flowering stage. As a result, if you are growing the 24K strain indoors, you will need to consider space.

Medical Benefits of 24K Gold Strain

Because of its high THC content, the strain 24k Gold is not recommended for new smokers. Nonetheless, this is advantageous and beneficial for people suffering from bipolar disorder, chronic pain, or PTSD. Understandably, breeders thought they’d discovered gold.

Customers are typically drawn to the 24k Gold Regular strain due to its numerous medical benefits, which include treatment for chronic pain, increased lung capacity, and relief from chronic insomnia. This strain is best used in the late evening for relaxation and sedation.

Strain Aroma

The fragrance is sweet, citrusy, and orange-like. When the bud is ground, the fragrant lemony aroma and a hint of earthiness become more noticeable. After burning, the smoke produces sweet and tangy orange flavors when consumed.

Strain Flavor

The buds of the 24K Gold Regular Strain taste zesty and tangerine. The flavor is sweet, earthy, and slightly flowery when smoked or vaped. The smoke is smooth and has a strong flavor. Those who enjoy sweet and citrus flavors will enjoy this.

Strain Appearance

24K Gold is a medium-sized plant that can grow to a height of three meters. The strain produces buds that are compact, dense, and long-lasting. The buds are light green, with purple leaves and orange hairs covering them. Finally, the bud is completely covered in a trichome film that gives the impression that it has been showered with gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Gold strain grown information?

THC levels typically range between 18 and 24 percent. During the vegetative period, the 24k Gold grows quite large and resembles a Sativa in terms of height and internodal spacing. As the plant matures, it will produce thick, dense buds that will unfold into a diverse array of resin-rich trichomes.

What is the yield of the 24k Gold strain?

When grown indoors, 24k Gold yields 16 ounces per square meter and takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower and harvest. However, when grown outdoors, it is expected to yield an average of 21 ounces per plant.

What are the effects of 24k Gold Strain?

Because of its high THC content, the strain has a strong effect. It is highly potent and has Indica-dominant characteristics, such as a profound sense of relaxation. This strain’s users report feeling energized and joyful vibes taking over their thoughts.

2 reviews for 24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Maggie Weltz

    Maggie Weltz

    Impressively small but terrible strain! Easy and fast-growing cannabis that is very resilient. Planted them indoors as its small structure is very manageable. Moderate yielder of resinous buds covered in white translucent trichomes. Pleasant smoke that has fruity orange zest scents and delicious sweet taste with hints of pine goodness. Very uplifting that energizes me to finish what needs to be done. As the high subsides it relaxes me and washes away all my worries and stress. Definitely worth a try! Better get some of these relaxants.

  2. Avatar for Thisaru Pramoj

    Thisaru Pramoj

    Can you know if this is made in Sri Lanka? Can our country order this online? Very soon. Thank you

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