Tuna Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

How far are you going to go to get that ultimate high? Tuna Kush will give its users that intensely narcotic high with a balancing mental stimulation making it a great combination! But before enjoying the effects of this strain, one has to get over the tremendously offensive acrid smell of this bud. With THC content that ranges between 17% to 27%, this weed will put its users into a heavily sedated bliss. This weed is said to be a more intense phenotype of Hindu Kush so expect to get what is described as one of the best Indica highs ever!

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Tuna Kush (Regular) Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Phenotype of Hindu Kush
Flowering Period:  7 – 9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Dry
Yield: very low
Flavors: Blue Cheese, Pungent, Earthy, Ammonia
THC Level: 17% -27%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Tuna Kush (Regular)

As mentioned earlier, Tuna Kush has one of the most potent and supreme Indica effects to offer its users. With a high THC content, expect potency in both mental and physical to be intense. The high starts with a powerful head rush that the intensified buzzing can startle even the most seasoned cannabis user. This bull strong rush can have a hazy effect on the users but they are aware that the euphoria, mood upliftment, and energy jolts they are feeling are starting to build up. It leaves the mind to aimlessly wander into a dreamy and slight psychedelic state. While the user is enjoying the kaleidoscopic sensations, they are feeling a warm tingling all over their body. Slowly the user is ushered into a deeply relaxing state. As it heightens, they sink deeper into oblivion where there is bliss and tranquility. Even the most experienced cannabis veteran will succumb to the lure of the couch! Time passes and the urge to fall into a deep slumber will come-a-calling.

Trying out the Tuna Kush weed for the first time makes for one unforgettable experience. For one, its deploy tranquilizing and mentally stimulating high is out of this world. Secondly, the stench is so unforgettable that it will remain in the user’s minds for a long time! It smells of rotting fish. The incoherently pungent acrid and sour smell of this weed will linger in the noses of users for days to come, even if it is just the imagination that is keeping there! But getting over that obstacle having to endure that skunky diesel-like smell will reward the user with a delightfully pleasing flavor. Tasting that familiar damp earthy flavor brings sanity to the user’s mind as this is blended with a cheesy undertone that makes it a gratifying smoke.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tuna Kush (Regular)?

Tuna Kush weed strains serve as a great alternative to treat medical cannabis patients. Its euphoric and mood uplifting high is perfect for those suffering from stress and depression by blocking all those negativity that continues to hound the user’s head all the time. They are placed in a state where all they see and hear all full of optimism, giving them an aura of increased confidence. It is the deeply sedating and body-numbing effect of this strain that made it sought after by a lot of medical cannabis practitioners. Those suffering from chronic pain, joint inflammations, fibromyalgia, and back spasms can find relief from using this tranquilizing strain and enjoy a lesser pain state than what they were originally suffering from. Insomnia users can also use this strain to assist them to have that much-deserved deep, undisturbed sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Tuna Kush (Regular)

It is best for those not used to high THC content cannabis to veer away from this as even the long-time cannabis users claim to feel some dizziness at the onset of the high. Taking too much of this weed may also cause paranoia and anxiety especially for the uninitiated. Keep hydrated all the time and apply moisturizing eye drops before consuming this strain will aid in experiencing cottonmouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow Tuna Kush (Regular)

The Tuna Kush regular weed strain is a relatively easy plant to grow. They prefer to grow in warm, sunny, and dry climates. But this weed is best grown indoors as the skunky aroma of this weed is so extreme that neighbors will start complaining about the stench coming out of your home. Even if you live alone in the wilderness, it is not wise to grow these outdoors. The smell of rotten fish will invite bears to come crashing into your party! This plant will start flowering in 7 to 9 weeks but don’t expect yields to be high as this weed is infamous for its low yield production.


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