When to Transplant Seedlings of Your Cannabis

when to transplant seedlings

Are you a cannabis grower or an aspirant cannabis grower? If you are into growing cannabis, you have to know some things about it. You should know that the most essential part of the cycle of marijuana life is the seedling stage. Even if you cultivate marijuana through the seeds or even through cloning, cultivating it should always begin with the seedlings. 

By this article, you will be able to learn about when to transplant seedlings of your cannabis. You must know the basic ways on how to transplant as well because if you do this method wrong, then you will probably lose your crops. Let us start exploring more about transplanting marijuana seedlings, but before that, let us get to know more about the cannabis seedlings and why transplanting is important. 

Why Should You Care for Your Marijuana Seedlings?

Is it necessary for you to take good care of your cannabis seedlings? You will need an area for your spout in taking roots during the post-germination stage or also known as post cutting phase. You must know that the main goal for your marijuana plant in a seedling phase is to develop well as well as healthy roots. When you notice that your seedlings are struggling, it may be because of the lack of recovery and it may cause your seedlings to die. 

You must know how to take good care of your marijuana seedlings and you must treat them and take care of them just like your own babies. If you think support is needed for your seedlings, then you can use a stick or a toothpick for that as well as a wire for gardening. 

How important transplanting is?

Have you wondered as to why transplanting is needed? Well, the main goal of why you should transplant your marijuana seedlings is that you will be able to give suitable and enough root space for expansion. You should know that the roots will need expansion as well as the development so that you will be able to cultivate your plants successfully. In determining the space for root growth, the indicator will be a container you are going to use. 

You should not cultivate your cannabis plants in a crowded way so that the roots will be organized and it will not lead to root-bound. If your plants need to be watered not just once per day, but more, then your plants might need to be transplanted. Hence, you need to know well as to when to transplant seedlings of your cannabis. 

When to Transplant Seedlings of Your Cannabis: Details and Brief Explanation

The best period of transplanting your weed seedlings is before they grow fast from the container they are currently placed in. For the cubes, you will be able to see roots as an indicator in potting up the weed. If ever you start cultivating them in a pot that is small or with the use of the cup, your indicator is the above the ground signal. 

If there is a spreading out of some leaf sets of your weed seedlings that will cover the border of your container, then it is time for transplanting your seedlings. Another way of indicating the transplant of your seedlings is that if it grows vertically, which a very obvious signal is. 

You should remember not to wait for a very long period in transplanting your seedlings because the roots will need some time in recovering. For the cannabis seedlings, they will need seven to ten days in taking roots and in outgrowing your small pots.

Do you need a more specific description? Well, for you to comprehend more about the signals or indicators of transplanting your weed, you can rely on the lists below:

  • The leaves number

You must look at the set number of marijuana leaves. If your cannabis plants have already sprouted for about four to five sets of your marijuana leaves, then it is a signal that your plants are ready for the transplanting process. This is for those young marijuana plants that were being cultivated first in small containers. You need to remember that the sets will depend on the types of strains. 

  • Development of the root

The holes for drainage in your container should be checked. You should notice some healthy white roots. If you notice a dark color of roots or any color of it other than white, then it is an indication that your marijuana plants became a root-bound. If it happens, you will need to do the transplanting method right away. 

  • Vegetative phase and the end of it

There are some growers of marijuana who prefer to do the transplanting process during the end of the phase for vegetative. It is before the marijuana plants will move on to the stage of flowering. During this period, your plants may need enough space and it is for the development of roots. 

You have to take note of some things when you transplant your plants. You have to remember to place your plants in a container with the double size of the container that you previously used. By this, the transplanting times will be reduced as well as the risks that your plants can get in transplanting them. Take note that the shock from the transplanting method will occur if your plants will experience so much stress that they can get by the disturbance of their roots. 


You need to know when to transplant seedlings of your cannabis, especially if you are into growing weed or maybe you are a new cannabis grower. By this, you will be able to grow your plants successfully and you will be able to do the transplanting method without harming your crops. 

Hence, you must understand the process and method to take when you transplant your marijuana seedlings. Aside from understanding the methods and learning the perfect time for transplanting seedlings, you must also know some of the things you should consider in transplanting so that you can do it right.

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