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CropKingSeeds HowToGerminate, Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds – Germination – Cup of Water + Paper Towel Method

Germination Quick Check Guide (read more in detail below)

– Put your seeds into a cup of room temp water for 14-18 hours. They may or may
not sink to the bottom.
– Fold a thick paper towel and position on a plate.
– Pour the entire contents of the cup (water and seeds) onto the plate + paper
towel. Fold the paper towel over the seeds to cover.
– Place in a warm, dark room and let sit until they open. Ensure the paper towel
stays moist by adding water periodically.
– Do not give up as seeds can take up to 7 days to germinate. Each strain may take
a different amount of time.
– Do NOT use any type of plastic bag.


Crop King Seeds guarantees a minimum 80% germination success rate when using the cup of water + paper towel method, as per our instructions.

Many customers experience 100% success. Seeds are from the earth; your success will vary depending on your experience and germination conditions.

The first step in germination is choosing a high quality cannabis strain from Crop King Seeds. Collecting the finest genetics from Crop King Seeds will result in high rates of germination. The size and colour is not the only factor in determining if the seeds are viable. Some seeds such as White Widow will actually be white in colour. This is normal and they are totally viable.

Each strain is tested regularly to ensure high germination rates. We work directly with many growers and our breeders to ensure our customers are able to germinate their seeds successfully. The guarantee is for germination only and does not extend to planting or growing them in your choice of growing medium such as soil.

Germination 3 300x168 1, Crop King Seeds

The average germination rate is 80% if you follow our instructions exactly.

Germination happens when the outer shell of the cannabis seed cracks open and the small taproot protrudes. Appearance of the taproot means germination was successful.

We don’t give growing advice as our seeds are sold as novelty items for collecting only.

Some Germination Tips:

Marijuana Seeds need 3 factors for them to germinate successfully:

– Moisture
– Warmth
– Darkness

Crop King Seeds – Germination – Cup Of Water To Paper Towel

Germination, Crop King Seeds
Step 1: Cup of water + Paper Towel Germination Method

Before germination, start by preparing your work space. Ensure everything is cleaned to prevent cross contamination, and make sure you have all the necessary materials. You will need:

– absorbent kitchen paper towels (not Kleenex tissue)
– bottled spring water without additives or gas (Note: boiling water
only kills germs, it does not remove impurities)
– a glass
– a plate
– tweezers

Step 2: (Optional) Light scuffing of seeds using fine sand paper or an emery board or shaking them inside a pill bottle. This will allow the outer shell to loosen and the water to penetrate easier to start the germination process.

Cup of water + paper towel germination method

Fill the glass with water and leave to stagnate in a room with a temperature of between 20 to 25 degrees Celcius (a little higher than room temperature).

Drop the seeds into the room-temperature water and you will see them float. Leave them to soak for 12 – 18 hours. Soaking the seeds is the most important step.

Check the seeds after you have let them soak for a few hours. Tap them with your finger tip gently. You may see them sink to the bottom.

You might notice the seed shell crack and a small white root appearing. This is a sign that germination is beginning. It is okay if the shell has not cracked by the end of the 14-18 hour water soak.


Cracked Seeds, Crop King Seeds

 Tap roots should be left to grow to a length of 3cm or 1 inch.

How to prepare your paper towel method set up

After you have noticed the seeds cracking open and a small white root forming, take two or more paper towels to create a thick, folded layer on the plate. Moisten with bottled spring water (or rain water). Wet the paper towels just enough to be damp, but do not over-saturate. Drain any excess water.

After 14 – 18 hours of soaking, add the cannabis seeds in between the 2 folded wet paper towels. Allow the seeds enough space apart from each other to prevent new taproots from tangling.

Germination 1 300x168 1, Crop King Seeds

Leave the germination plate in a closed dark space and do not forget to keep the layers moist by dripping some water every 5-12 hours. No need to soak them, just keep them wet.

Critical Note: Never let the paper towels dry out. The paper towel must stay moist. Depending on humidity, paper towel may need re-moistening every 5 hours (your experience may vary). It is necessary to regularly check on the dampness of the paper towels during the process.

Step 3: Paper Towel Germination Method

Place your plates with completed germination set up away from direct light, on a warm appliance/heat source to help the seeds absorb more water. Keep the room temperature at 21 to 29.4 degrees Celsius.

Note: Providing the seeds with moisture, warmth, and darkness encourages better results

Germination 2 300x168 1, Crop King Seeds
Step 4: Paper Towel Germination Method

Check the cannabis seeds and paper towels at least two or three times every 24 hours, but do not touch the seeds. Make sure there is a proper level of moisture in the paper towels, and watch for new taproots to appear.

If you must handle the cannabis seeds, gently use tweezers. Be very careful in moving them because seeds during this stage are so fragile they can easily be damaged when being transported or transplanted. Do not touch the taproots.

When the new taproot is about ¼ inch to ½ inch long, the germination process is complete. At this point the cannabis seeds are ready for placement into soil; taproot facing down.


Most seeds will start germination within 24 to 48 hours, but some can take as long as 7 days. (depending on the cannabis strain). Please follow the directions outlined above, and you will experience minimum 80% germination success. The paper towel method is designed to most closely replicate the process as it naturally occurs by Mother Nature.

Germinating any seed may fail depending on the following variables:

1. You have not allowed the seeds to sit in the cup of water long enough
2. Paper towels are too wet or too dry
3. Temperature is too hot
4. Temperature is too cold
5. Do not suffocate them in plastic, seeds need to breathe
6. Tap water has many impurities

The cup of water + paper towel method is the most effective method of germinating high quality cannabis seeds. By accurately following the step-by-step guide above, Crop King Seeds customers are guaranteed to experience at least 80% germination success. This method is regularly tested to ensure high standards of quality control.

*If you do not follow the cup of water transfer to paper towel method germination method exactly, Crop King Seeds does not guarantee germination success*

EMERGENCY GERMINATION: If your seeds fail to germinate, it is most likely that they didn’t get enough water. As a last effort, drop them into a cup of bottled spring water and leave them there until you notice a tap root appearing. When it appears, start over with the paper towel method until the tap root is 1/2 inch long.

Your success and satisfaction is important to us. Please follow the cup of water/paper towel method. Contact us by phone 1 844 276 7546 for germination guarantee issues

Guarantee will not be honored if:

A. You planted the seeds directly into soil.
B. You used a seed starter kit, rock wool or any other germination device used for
C. You don’t germinate with the paper towel method using the steps we describe.
D. You have used a plastic bag.

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