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Early Miss is a great strain for people looking for pain relief or an increase in appetite because it is an auto-flowering Indica-dominant hybrid. Crop King Seeds bred an auto-flowering Ruderalis variety with the heavy producer Big Bud and the potent White Widow to produce a moderate-yielding plant with high THC levels. Crop King Seeds is always looking for new varieties to add to our extensive collection of high-quality Regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and high-CBD seeds. We assure you that we can affordably give the cultivators of all preferences and levels of expertise numerous options.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Big Bud x Original White Widow
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 7 weeks
CBD Content: 0.70%
THC Content: 15-21%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the Early Miss Strain?

Actually, Early Miss is a cannabis strain that was bred to flower early and automatically. Crop King Seeds came up with the idea for Early Miss, which is a cross between two powerful strains: White Widow, known for its resin, and Big Bud, known for its high yield. The end product has a very calming high and complex flavor profile. It contains between 15% and 21% THC. To complement these peppery notes, a closer inspection reveals some herbal, eucalyptus-like accents. In contrast, grinding emits the pungent odor of ammonia and resembles pencil shavings in some ways. It may come as no surprise that when combusted, these potent flavors can produce harsh smoke. This smoke has a mild grassy flavor on the exhale and leaves behind a chemical aftertaste.

Growing Information on Early Miss Strain

This strain is easy to grow and begins to flower quickly at 8 weeks. As long as the temperature stays above 10 degrees Celsius, you can grow this Indica-dominant variety outdoors at any time of the year and reap the benefits of its abundant yield. Early Miss Autoflowering is a strain that produces flowers quickly and is simple to moderately grow because of its characteristics of being feminized. The thick, resin-coated buds indicate that it is ready for harvest. In an outdoor setting, you can anticipate a yield of up to 150 grams. In contrast, an indoor setting is anticipated to yield 200 grams.

How to Grow Early Miss Strain

Early Miss is a sturdy plant that is great for people who want to grow their own medicine. Because of its robust Indica genes, it rarely requires support. Its stalks don’t break or bend when the wind is strong. In the meantime, despite the weight of its bulky buds, its branches do not break. In addition, its Ruderalis genes, which are the primary component of its auto-flowering structure, ensure that it blooms quickly regardless of the time of year or location of cultivation. The plant’s compact structure can sometimes hold moisture brought on by humidity, so growers may need to prune it often. If left unattended, it may attract mildew or mold, which could ultimately harm the plant.

Medical Benefits of Early Miss Strain

This strain’s ability to manage pain has led to its use in pain therapy for medical marijuana patients. Even though it might not completely get rid of the problem that’s causing the pain, it does help you deal with it. As a result, it is one of Spain’s most well-known genotypes. Smoking this substance has a 20 percent THC concentration and a calming effect. With a THC content of 20.06%, you might anticipate that the Early Miss strain will help you relax, especially after a stressful day at work. For example, the smell is everything necessary to attract you and keep up with your consideration of the present.

Strain Aroma

Due to accents of earthiness and gentle pine, its smoke is much creamier and velvetier to inhale. When you exhale this strain, there will undoubtedly be a mint and spice trail.

Strain Flavor

Due to its flavor, users of the Early Miss strain will undoubtedly open their mouths. The smoke will have a very smoky and spicy flavor and stimulate your mouth.

Strain Appearance

Early Miss Strain, like its predecessors, is very attractive. Even though it is smaller, it still produces stunning buds that have shades of deep green and sometimes purple. Trichomes also blanket each in abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good strain to miss early?

– One of my best friends is this one. Early Miss is a great strain for people looking for pain relief or an increase in appetite because it is an auto-flowering Indica-dominant hybrid.

Is crop King's early Miss seeds any good?

– The customer bought five packs, and growing all five was simple. Appeared to be three that were short, yet super-resiny, one was super-thick and the last one resembled a Sativa in that it required 2-3 weeks longer to get done and had stick-like buds.

What is early Miss marijuana?

– It comes as no surprise that so many people have fallen in love with it. Early Miss belongs to this category of strains. It is a sturdy, quick-flowering variety that attracts a lot of people with its dense buds. Each has trichomes covering it thickly, implying a potency of up to 21%.

How does it feel to miss early?

– Even though Early Miss is mostly Indica, it doesn’t take long to get going. Users feel a slight pressure that begins between the temples as soon as it takes effect. The euphoric rush swarms the mind as it gets stronger and leaves users feeling clear-headed and mentally stimulated.


66 reviews for Early Miss Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Doug Howard

    Doug Howard

    Pretty good. More of a head high. 8 weeks from start to end. Got 4 oz out of each plant. Yes I did. I used alcaline water with a PH of 7.
    I used a little molasses and straight water two weeks before harvest

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