What is THCA Crystalline Made Of?

thca crystalline

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you would have already discovered many different ways to smoke, eat, or consume weed. You would also be looking for the best possible ways to get high and find the strongest and most potent new product for you to enjoy. If you are one of those that truly want to get high as fast, at this point, you would need to have THCA Crystalline. These crystals are a product of science and technology and have been one of the best ways to get high fast.

What is THCA Crystalline?

To further elaborate on what is THCA crystalline, we need to understand first what THC is and what it does to the body. Most people would want to get high when you smoke or consume weed. THC is the compound found in cannabis that does just that. When exposed to heat, THC is activated and allows the compound to work its magic into the mind and body; thus, you get high as it circulates throughout your system.

THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is treated as a predecessor of THC. It is the organic compound that is not yet activated by heat. THCA crystalline itself does not get you high, not unless you expose it to heat. This is why most cannabis edibles need to have cannabis buds that undergo the process of decarboxylation. When THCA is exposed to decarboxylation, it becomes what is known as THC, thus making you high.

THCA crystalline is an isolated and purified form of THCA made through a technique that collects all the THCA from the plant and crystalizes it so it can be readily sold. Some might wonder if THCA crystals can be consumed as if they were tablets or capsules. One can fully ingest these crystals, but they only offer several benefits unless they are exposed to heat, where it will grant you more than just what they initially offer. While some might want to argue that the crystals have better benefits than the ones that were exposed to heat, it all depends on the type of benefits that you are looking for.

How Is THCA Crystalline Made?

THCA crystalline remains one of the most potent forms of cannabis extract. This is because the process of making it is, by far, one of the most intricate and complex methods that are only done by professionals.

Cannabinoids from the plant are first extracted. These substances contain a lot of plant materials, including fat, terpenes, lipids, and many other compounds. The objective is to extract first the specific cannabinoid and then isolate it to make the crystals. To do this, it will run through many stages of washing and extraction.

  • The first extraction happens through the use of acetic acid and hydrocarbon hexane. These substances remove all the impurities from the plant compound. Once the cannabinoid has been fully extracted, these chemicals are then removed from the equation. The process undergoes a series of separating the solvents from the compounds through slow heat and rotational motion. This is done through the use of a rotovap.
  • After this step, there will only be a few types of cannabinoids left. This is where you will need to determine which type of cannabinoid you want to further isolate. Through the use of a procedure called preparative chromatography, this process separates the cannabinoids through the use of chemicals as well. These chemicals are then filtered out through another round of the rotovap.
  • At this stage, the cannabinoid is now isolated and is made sure that it is ready for human consumption. It undergoes another round of chemical washes so that it is safe for humans and then remove these chemicals again through the use of the rotovap. By now, the cannabinoid is fully separated from its other compounds, and what’s left are crystals made of pure THCA.

The Best Way To Consume THCA Crystalline

Since it is in its crystalline form, THCA crystals can still be ingested directly, or they can also be mixed in capsules or pills. Dosing is necessary when it comes to this mode of introduction to the body. THCA crystals can also be crushed and mixed with other cannabis products to boost their potency. It is often made into balms, tinctures, and other cannabis concentrates.

The best way to consume THCA crystalline is through the use of dabbing or vaping. Through the use of heat in dabbing and vaping, the acidic extract is activated and is ready for absorption by the body. Its high THC content should enact a wide variety of effects that is immediately experienced by the user.

Benefits of THCA Crystalline

By now, there have been many different research and study programs that cater to the health benefits of THCA crystalline. For one, it is known to treat nausea and boost appetite, which is specifically great for patients who undergo cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. It’s anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties are also great for patients who are in great pain. Cancer patients benefit the most out of using THCA crystalline with its anti-carcinogenic properties as it prevents cancer cells from proliferating further within the body.
People who suffer from a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s benefit greatly from its neuroprotective properties. Apart from that, it is also used to treat people with auto-immune disorders such as HIV/AIDS and have found to be very good at reducing stress and anxiety brought upon by these conditions.
For recreational users, one can feel relaxed and euphoric after taking the crystals, either through dabbing or vaping. You can also add it to your dried marijuana to boost the potency up to three to four times. Just be sure to be prepared for the overwhelming high that you are about to experience.


Some users may have already tried using THCA crystalline and feel a very noticeable high. But the fact that it is one of the most potent forms of cannabis extract known to man is incomparable to the ones that you see in the market today. If you can come across THCA crystalline, never pass the chance to take one and feel the difference.

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