What is a Sploof and How Can You Make One


Not everyone is fond of the smell of weed, it may be hard to believe, but it’s true. But for hardcore smokers, there are multiple ways to hide the scent and smoke of cannabis. So, whether you’re like the smell of your smoke or don’t know how cool your neighbors are, a Sploof is the secret weapon of cannabis connoisseurs.

If you want to make your toking sessions as discreet as possible, you might want to make a sploof. What is Sploof? And how can you make you? You’ll soon find out! To learn more about sploof, read down below.

What is Sploof?

So, if you are like the others and asking what a sploof is, then, it’s pretty simple. A sploof is a device that filters out your weed smoke. They take the form of a car muffler. Weed has one of the most recognizable aromas in the world, so if you’re finding ways to smoke without getting noticed by your neighbors or with some strict parents, you’re probably going to need a sploof.

Technically, a sploof is a cylindrical-shaped object that screens out cannabis smoke through breathable materials as you exhale the smoke on the other end of the tube, to filter out particles and smoke. By this, it eradicates the majority of the scent, and the air is left smelling renewed.

Many homemade sploofs are made with materials gathered at home, such as dryer sheets that help filter and refresh the smoke. Sploofs that are sold in stores are usually made with HEPA-filters. If you want a long-lasting sploofs the filters and freshens up for long periods, then the commercially-made sploof is the best way to go about it. On the other hand, if you don’t want to splurge money or you would like something quite cheap and cost-effective, then the homemade sploof is the route you may want to go.

Why should you use Sploof?

There are numerous reasons why you should either buy a sploof or make one. Perhaps, the most basic one when it comes to sploof is avoid getting caught. Whether you live in a particular space where smoking is illegal or not, smoking weed, in general, has a stigma to it. The last thing you want may very well be unsuspected people lurking around the corner, sniffing or catching you first-hand.

Another reason why you should use a sploof is being a courteous smoker. For instance, you may want to smoke weed in a hotel or staying at a friend’s house who’s not a fan of smoking, and want to be more understanding about your surroundings. Or maybe you have guests arriving at your doorsteps, and you want your home to feel fresh and pleasing to their nose.

Whatever the occasions may be, having a sploof comes in handy at all times. The material for smoking without getting noticed.

Homemade Sploof Materials

Thankfully, making a sploof can be made with various materials found at home. Your materials will decide the quality of your final product.

Almost all sploofs functions the same, whether homemade or commercially-made, they perform with the same principle. An open-ended tube stuffed with breathable materials. The critical part of the sploof is the filtering material, and it is responsible for trapping and filtering duties of the sploof. Most filtration methods associated with the making of sploof is dryer sheets. But if you want more durable choices, try looking for activated charcoal filters or even an air filter.

After the filter, the next important part will be the tube. If you want a sturdier sploof foundation, then opt for a plastic bottle. However, one of the most popular tube for sploofs are paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls. No matter which type of sploof foundation you choose, all homemade sploofs need these materials.

  • Plastic bottle, toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls
  • Sharp cutter or scissors.
  • Elastic band, tape, and string
  • Activated carbon, dryer sheets, scent dryer sheets, or any filter of your choice.

Steps on How to Make a Sploof

If you’ve gathered all the required materials, we’ll go to the most exciting part, the making of a sploof.

Step 1: if you prefer using the toilet paper roll, remove all the paper or tissues until the only one is left in the tube. If you prefer the paper towel roll, cut the roll into smaller lengths. If you are using plastic bottles, carefully cut off the bottom part to have open-ended edges.

Step 2: Get your dryer sheets and fill the inside of your roll. About two to three layers are enough, but if you want your toking sessions to be more discreet, add another one!

Step 3: it’s time now to cover up the sploof. Get another piece of a dryer sheet, fold it in half, place it on one of the edges, and lock it in with an elastic band. Make sure it is tight enough so that smoke won’t leak out. If you want it tighter, use duct tape or any regular tap to seal it off quickly. If there are any excess sheets or materials, trim it off with the use of scissors.

Step 4: Your sploof should be good to go! The next part is the most important one; get high!!! Remember to change the dryer sheets after many uses, and you’ll have a durable sploof that can be used for ages! Again, making a sploof if quite a necessary and straightforward thing to do! So, if some time you forget how to make one, refer to the instructions above!


A sploof is another option for hardcore smokers to have when they want to smoke discreetly or avoid judgmental people around them. The crucial part of using sploof for extended periods will always be changing your dryer sheets or activated charcoals after a few uses.

Lastly, always remember that there are people who aren’t fond of the cannabis smoke, so the best option would always be to either not smoke, or find ways to minimize the smoke emitted through various options. The best part about smoking weed is you get to enjoy it with your friends and family, so, enjoy it!

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