Smoking Weed While Sick: What are its Effects?

smoking weed while sick

The use of weeds when you’re getting flu or a cold should be based on a person’s liking — although we suggest avoiding smoking weed (no joints or spliffs), because it may damage your lungs, as you opt for edibles, vaporizers, or topical right after.

Numerous people are asking about smoking weed while sick, what are its effects? As they made themselves aware of some negative effects, this question still lingers in their cautious yet curious minds. 

Together THC as well as CBD are recognized for their discomfort relief elements as well as scientifically proven, and ought to be utilized conscientiously when you’re not feeling well, just as the minute you’re in good physical shape too. Be cautious with sick edible consumption volumes, for instance, and if you are thinking of getting or wanting a higher dosage than you are having most of the time. The one thing that is more painful than feeling too high, most often, is feeling too high when you are sick also.

Understanding the role of CBD and THC

  • It’s vital to understand that CBD, is a non-psychoactive substance that is considered legal in most states in the US, has anti-bacterial components — which means it won’t aid you in fighting common flu or cold and its source which is viral infections. Having said that, CBD’s anti-inflammatory components will help to unplug sinus contaminations and improve respiratory ease irrespective of whether a person such as yourself is suffering from viral or bacterial disease.

CBD may either be swallowed as butter or topically applied. In some days, there are also CBD-composed bath bombs, and you can enjoy taking a steaming bath with open-chests while getting your CBD ready simultaneously.

  • In comparison, THC may theoretically inhibit your immune system. Take time reviewing and studying the report issued by the Journal of Immunology in Europe that is made possible with the efforts of Dr. Nagarkatti and his Colleagues at the South Carolina University back in 2010.

The research indicates that THC can activate a special kind of immune unit of cells known as MDSCs, the suppressor cells derived from myeloid. This research was explicitly accomplished concerning the ability of the immune unit of cells to eradicate cancer cells — it does not target infections due to viruses and bacteria. But for sure what we understand is that becoming high was not a good remedy for your cold or flu.

Fever and Smoking Weed

  • Refrain from getting high — numerous people claimed that it is a pain in the neck to partner smoking weed with a high or just a mild fever, they also added that there are no known long term drawbacks in this kind of pleasurable activity. For instance, you can feel more nausea or even dizziness. Consider utilizing a topical to aid your aching forehead, joints, throat, and chest to make oneself feel better surely. Cover it with a warm damp towel after application, or take a park in the steam bath (or let your shower on) — it is quite enjoyable compared to your vapor rub bought in the nearest drugstore. We also recommend that you first consult your private physician (if you have one) or visit the nearest clinic before you proceed with your self-medication. 

Cold and Smoking Weed

    • Few people believe smoking marijuana can help relieve common cold symptoms. If real, this may be in line with the compounds that are anti-inflammatory found in and produced by Cannabis. Many people either assume that smoking weed has little influence on cold, that some of them thought that symptoms would get worse. Nonetheless, fire and smoke are created by burning Cannabis; either of them is likely to disturb the sinuses as it might intensify respiratory symptoms.
    • There is no precise study on the impact of smoking marijuana while experiencing a cold. Study into the universal health consequences of cannabis utilization can, however, help to shed a clear understanding of this particular area. The consequences of smoking weed on over-all health can be tough to measure. One explanation one can give is that variations in cannabis strains contain a lot of concentrations of delta-9, a kind of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as well as cannabidiol (CBD) which are both active compounds.
    • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has a psychoactive component that changes the mood of a person, whereas CBD (cannabidiol) is a component that gives the drug’s purported health advantages. Despite the shortage of direct studies and research efforts on smoking weed while experiencing a cold, several related questions that research can help answer are present and readily available. Here are some analyses we found. 
  • Curing a cold with smoking weed, what researches and studies can tell us?

Advocates of Cannabis often endorse weed smoking to be an alternative treatment for all trivial health issues; one of them is a common cold. Yet, there is not enough scientific evidence that supports such claims.

Cannabis has the cannabinoid as well as terpenoid compounds. Both compounds may possess an anti-inflammatory reaction on a person’s body per the 2018 report in Cannabis as well as Cannabinoid Research and Study. Such effects will help relieve some of the cold’s inflammatory indications including inflamed sinuses, puffy eyes, and pressure headaches.

Smoking marijuana can also help to relieve the overall aches as well as pains that are typical cold symptoms. A 2019 study notes that, in many cases, cannabinoids can lessen pain sensations, including those suffering from chronic pain. Also, there’s no research directly linked to symptoms of a cold. Individuals who are considering Cannabis to aid with the following symptoms might want to think this thoroughly first since it is not yet scientifically proven.

  • Can it make your cold worse?

Challengers of cannabis utilization will have a better likelihood of arguing that smoking marijuana may exacerbate a cold. No confirmation from studies as well as research suggests that smoking weed allows cold to the last longer, either it inhibits the ability of the body to defeat a cold. Nevertheless, some evidence shows that such cold symptoms may be exacerbated by smoking marijuana.

A 2018 analysis found evidence that marijuana smoking was associated with respiratory symptoms, like coughing, mucus production, and wheezing. An individual who possesses those symptoms because of the common cold can find that after smoking marijuana, they get worse.

Although some people claim smoking aids with the symptoms of inflammation, others suggest that heat, as well as smoke, may make these present symptoms worse. So, people who desire to smoke marijuana to relieve a cold must find other cannabis ingestion methods. They could, for example, try to consume any cannabis-infused foods or the anti-inflammatory mixtures extracted, like CBD oil.

  • Does weed cooperate with cold treatments?

Few people say marijuana combines with cold medicines. Many readily available medicines for cold, for example, can cause drawbacks close to marijuana ones. Taking these drugs simultaneously can aggravate those side effects. Here are few common drawbacks of medicinal weed and readily available medicines intended for cold: feeling cold, weakened cognitive function, dizziness, dry mouth, and drowsiness.

Since smoking weeds or indulging in readily available cold medicines potentially cause drowsiness, individuals who either use ought to avoid driving, handling heavy machinery as well as doing any kind of activities that involve intense focus.

  • What are some drawbacks of smoking weed while sick?

Headaches, stuffy nose, and sinus pressure may be experienced by individuals suffering from a cold. A cold may, as we all know, cause a variety of disturbing and annoying symptoms, including:

      • Scratchy throat
      • Sore
      • Cough
      • Runny nose
      • Sneezing
      • Headaches
      • Sinus pressure

Some individuals may discover that smoking marijuana aids to relieve these symptoms, and others may discover that it aggravates the symptoms. Heat, as well as smoke, are also possible irritants. Ingestion of irritants this kind of way will revoke some of the anti-inflammatory advantages offered by cannabinoids as well as terpenoids.

Important note, for those with nasal indications, such as coughing and sneezing and smoking can be especially irritating. Smoke is also inevitable in irritating your throat as well as your lungs, which leads to increased production of phlegm.

Heat can contribute to worsening your symptoms in the throat. The smoke coming from your joint or even handheld vaporizer is sure to be hot since before entering the throat, it doesn’t possess enough time to cool. Such heat will irritate the throat more, leaving it dry as well as sore.

Other cannabis smoking methods may assist the smoke in cooling down slightly. One alternative is to utilize an ice-containing water-pipe. Although the smoke may remain to be annoying.


Anyone who thinks of smoking marijuana while they are sick might want to think through with other cannabis ingestion methods. Those involve eating medicated foodstuffs or drinking the anti-inflammatory compounds extracted. Until at that moment, there is little to no assurance that the cannabis compounds can relieve a cold.

Several individuals who smoke Cannabis while they are sick may discover it soothes their symptoms. Others may discover it disturbs their nose, throat, and lungs. However, it also makes the symptoms of the sinus and respiratory lengthen. These detrimental consequences are probably because of the smoke as well as the heat produced by burning Cannabis.

At this moment, there is no concrete medical study on the consequences of smoking cannabis while an individual is sick. As such, insufficient data is available to say if smoking marijuana when sick has advantageous or disadvantageous effects.

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