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Before the turn of the millennium, Northern Lights earned a legendary reputation as one of the best cannabis strains that are almost entirely Indica. This exceptional Afghani plant is now revered by farmers, recreational users, and those seeking to use it for medicinal purposes. The dense, thick, sticky buds are the most common Indica and the easiest to grow, the best medicine. the Indica that is used to compare all other Indicas even today. Crop King Seeds guarantees that our Northern Light Strain cannabis seeds will be of the highest possible quality when you purchase them. Our seed bank is exceptionally dedicated to providing our valued customers with marijuana seeds of the highest quality with a high rate of germination.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Afghani x Thai
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.10%
THC Content: 27%
Growing Difficulty: Easy-moderate

What is the Northern Lights Strain?

Numerous awards have been presented to the Indica-dominant strain Northern Lights. This might be one of the most popular Indica strains ever because growers, patients seeking medical attention, and recreational users all like it. The strain is available at dispensaries in Colorado and along the West Coast. They want to curl up on the couch and listen to music, even at lower doses, which may be too strong for users with less experience.

Like the majority of its Indica-based ancestors and offspring, Northern Lights is strongly recommended for use at night and insomnia. It is a potent sedative because it is one of the most Indica-dominant strains available, with 95% Indica and 5% Sativa. It is generally utilized as a method for decreasing pressure and nervousness. A lot of people use it to get a big body high and to let go of chronic pain. In addition, the potent effects that stimulate appetite are used to assist individuals with eating disorders like anorexia.

Growing Information of Northern Lights Strain

You can grow Northern Lights in soil or a hydroponic medium using the Sea of Green (SOG) method. If you can use both indoors and outdoors to your advantage, you can also benefit from multiple growth cycles each year. For vegetative growth and germination, use indoor and outdoor light during the flowering process. Utilizing the natural light cycle, saving money on energy, and enjoying multiple harvests per year are all benefits of this method. Use your indoor space during the winter to start growing from seedlings or cuttings you took from Northern Lights plants that have been successful in the past.

You can move your plants outside in the spring when the marijuana ripens in the sunlight. Where, you could profit from up to three harvests each year if you do this correctly. You can always start indoors and flower outdoors if you have enough space, with 60-day crops being a distinct possibility in some areas.

How to Grow Moby Strain

Understanding that the Northern Lights have two growth cycles is essential. Your NL plants need a lot of light once they reach the vegetative stage after you germinate the seeds. The strain requires at least 18 hours every day, and preferably, there is no dim cycle by any means. Keep in mind that photosynthesis stops during periods of darkness, so outdoor growing during the vegetative stage is not ideal. By planting outside in the spring, you can force your plants to flower outside once they reach about 18 inches in height. To enter the flowering stage at this point, place your Northern Lights plants in 12-hour cycles of constant darkness for a few weeks. After around 6-7 weeks of blooming, your NL plants ought to be roughly three feet tall and prepared for collection.

Medical Benefits of Northern Lights Strain

Because of the potent effects, it has on the body, medical marijuana patients with chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis use the Northern Lights strain. In addition, Northern Lights is frequently consulted by people seeking assistance with insomnia or a lack of appetite. Additionally, using Northern Lights may be beneficial for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.

Strain Aroma

The Northern Lights earthy and piney scents will greet you as you arrive in the land of the northern forests. The flavor, which has a lot of sweetness to it and is strong, will please your taste buds. Due to the distinctive and reviving aroma and flavor of the Northern Lights, it is like getting up early in the middle of a coniferous forest.

Strain Flavor

The flavor of this strain is similar to sweet, earthy pine with hints of citrus. Cottonmouth and red eyes are common side effects, but other unpleasant effects are much less common. The Northern Lights is popular almost everywhere else that marijuana is available, except Colorado and the West Coast, where it is most popular.

Strain Appearance

The Northern Lights strain has a bushy, short appearance. Due to its compact appearance and lush foliage, it is an excellent strain for indoor cultivation. Expect large, pungent buds with dark green foliage and burnt orange pistils.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Northern Lights work and what are they?

The body is deeply affected by the psychedelic effects of the Northern Lights, which lead to muscle relaxation and peaceful sleep. Comfortable laziness assists customers in overcoming stress and sadness, as well as in relieving pain and insomnia.

Does the Northern Lights strain contain CBD?

There is a negligible amount of CBD in Northern Lights. According to analysis, it typically contains 0.1 percent CBD. Because of the potent effects, it has on the body, MMJ patients with chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis use the Northern Lights strain.

How does the Northern Lights strain affect you?

Users of the Northern Lights strain occasionally report experiencing mild psychoactive effects that simply cast a hazy glow over the surroundings and give the impression that life is more active. This strain has a real tendency to make people happy and smile a lot.

Is MMJ-friendly Northern Lights weed?

From the West Coast to New York City, medical marijuana patients have used five common Northern Lights strains. This cannabis variety can be found in several reputable dispensaries and marijuana stores across the United States. It is widely available to people who smoke marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.

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    Northern Lights Regular Marijuana is a worth it strain. I immediately got hooked on its intense taste and fragrance with a hint of sugar, unique fruit taste with earthy-spices. Ordered 5 seed packs and planted them right away. 10 days have past and they become 5 to 8 cm tall with healthy leaves. I am excited to share this with my friends as we smoke this together. So happy to have found this on your site.

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