Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed: A Must-Read List

pros and cons of legalizing weed

With several states that are taking into consideration of legalizing weed – either therapeutically or recreationally, the polarizing topic carries on to come across some advocates on the pros and cons of legalizing weed. Advocates who desire it completely legalized and supporters who desire to keep it illicit have established themselves for a possible, long, and onerous battle. Additionally, from weed supporters to lawyers as well as law enforcement officers, everybody appears to have a firm belief about weed and whether it must be and will be decriminalized.

Furthermore, some nations have taken the course of action to legalize public weed and can provide a complete list of advantages regarding this matter. However, those nations as well as the federal government that has not legalized recreational and therapeutic weed are still holding onto the list of disadvantages of legalizing weed. As such, what are the pros and cons of legalizing weed? In this post, we will narrate them so that you will be educated on this issue.

The Pros of Legalizing Weed

Please do understand that the information provided here is not an all-inclusive list of the pros and cons of legalizing weed but it is solely a pile of the most usual arguments utilized to give moral support or opposition on the legalization of weed. A lot of these benefits were just once theoretical but have been truly demonstrated in the nations, which have passed all-in by making legal both in therapeutic and recreational weed sales and utilization.

Taking apart of the Black Market

For many years, the black market was the only area to acquire weed. It is like someone you know has some on hand all the time but the question is, where did they obtain it? Possibilities are they had connections or knew somebody who was selling a drug or part of assembled delinquency like the mafia or a similar criminal organization. Some of them and the Mafioso had connections to the group of terrorists from the other nations.

With the legalization of weed, they will either be out of the business or become legit. With that, the black market is nearly gone in the business. Marijuana dispensaries are part of the official list in the state as they are already managed and taxed. As such, this condition sounds great news especially to those who are part of it, and of course, the bad ones are exempted.

Enhanced the Standard and the Control of Well-being

With the fentanyl-laced-heroin issue that was brought up lately, there is genuinely no way for people who use a specific commodity to understand precisely what they are taking when they buy weed off the road. On the other hand, legalizing weed instantly makes a group of guidelines for the quality and control of well-being. This technique has been perceived in the industries of alcohol and cigarette and it works so far. With that, it is believed that it will pass on to the weed industry. Now, consumers will realize that they are achieving what they are spending.

Enhanced quality and control of well-being also interpret as less of a liability on the therapeutic system. There are few chances of consequential problems happening because of overdoses on undisclosed substances concealed in weed, which is sold on the street.

Bigger Tax Revenue

Having bigger tax revenue is one of the most enormous pros of legalizing weed, which has resulted from the debate on legalization. To elucidate the point, legal sales of marijuana commodities added up to $996 million just in 2015 alone, which is nearly one billion dollars paid out. With those sales, the tax revenue that was collected was equally as astonishing – $135 million. That amount can be utilized to repair streets, budget for public projects, enhance schools, employ a lot of police officers and firefighters, and the list is never-ending.

Obtainable Therapeutic Marijuana

Therapeutic cannabis, which is both THC and CBD, has been demonstrated to alleviate an extensive formation of untreatable conditions such as:

  • Cancer
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Migraines
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • High Blood sugar

With these illnesses and letting therapeutic marijuana commodities obtainable would signify an enhancement in public health as well as less of a burden when it comes to the healthcare system. Also, this can be the ground of having much budget for the public that can be utilized for streets, schools, and other welfare related to the public funds.

Lower Violence Connected to Drugs

Gang violence associated with drugs remains an actual part of life in several built-up areas near the country. However, the legalization of recreational cannabis would pull off the reason for those arguments. In the areas where weed is legal, those who experience an unjust act of some kind may now go to the police as well as the court instead of going to law enforcement that is undertaken but without legal authority. This advantage does not only deal with their welfare but as well as the well being of the public as a whole who were sometimes guiltless victims of violence associated with drugs.

Permits Police and Court to Concentrate More on Vicious Crimes

Legalization of therapeutic and recreational weed would provide two of the most vital things:

  1. Give the police and the courts with much money via tax revenue.
  2. Provide them with a lot of time to concentrate more on vicious crimes.

Great funding signifies that a lot of people could deal with the burden. Also, a lot of time signifies that there will be much attention given to preventing vicious crimes. Sometimes, administering individuals who merely acquire cannabis swamp the system that the police and court have. The issue was, in the name of the law, those people had to be regarded as if they were taking methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine. With that, the court system is swamped and the prison system is crammed full. By legalizing weed, this would mitigate the load of these exploited public officials.

The Cons of Legalizing Weed

Several of these cons such as addiction and a habit-forming drug status remain being investigated. As such, the jury is in upshot and remains out if they are well-grounded claims or not.

Weed is Addictive

Scientists remain not united on the topic of addiction. Some of them claim that weed is not as habit-forming or addictive as heavier narcotics such as crack and methamphetamine. On the other hand, others claim that one out of ten weed consumers start to be addictive over time. They suggest to the certainty that discontinuing weed suddenly and abruptly will result in withdrawal of signs like irascibility and anxiety. However, it is similar to tobacco smoking though it is legal. A lot of studies will require to be conducted to ascertain if weed is as addictive as the adversaries of the claims on legalizing weed.

Second-Hand Smoke Might Be An Issue

All of us are knowledgeable about the arguments including the negative health results of second-hand smoke from tobacco. Similar argument whirls around smoking weed. The question is, Can second-hand smoke from cannabis give grounds to non-smokers to experience problems in their lungs? Could they collect THC in their bloodstream? Will they encounter a high? These queries remain to be a piece of research to find out the effectiveness of the claims given by the opponents.

Lower Mental Health

Adversaries of legalized recreational cannabis love to indicate the research that demonstrates that cannabis consumers suffer all the things that begin from constricted blood flow to the mind, to have memory loss, to develop the probability of schizophrenia and depression. However, science remains not sure about these statements. The problem of schizophrenia and depression is explicitly vague since researchers do not understand if the narcotic itself activates the problem or if marijuana consumers utilize the drug to relieve and handle the signs.

The Lungs Are In Danger

This kind of con asserts that toking weed is bad for the lungs of the consumers compared to smoking tobacco. It is assumed that the cannabis consumers ingest the fume deeper into their lungs and keeps it there for a long time compared to the moment where they smoke cigarettes. This cavernous and prolonged exposure to carcinogens can develop the probability of lung cancer. However, the hypothesis does not concern about the distinct frequencies of what type of tobacco and cannabis the users consume. Neither does it hold into consideration the alternative techniques of dispensation such as vaporizing, tinctures, and edibles.

Weed Changes Your Insight

Similar to alcohol, weed changes your insight. Also, this changed insight may result in the problem of diminished driving. Driving in the influence of cannabis can worsen the already big problem of driving during the time that you are under the influence of liquor. With that, if a lot of nations will legalize weed, the query on everybody’s mind has altered from, “Is cannabis legal in my nation?” to “What type of problem can I have when I drive and high at the same time?”

Cannabis Is A Habit-Forming Drug

Cannabis has been taken into consideration as a habit-forming drug. It is believed that when an individual tries cannabis, he/ she is more prone to trying addictive and more hazardous drugs. Experts love to point to studies, which conclude that utilizing cannabis may be connected to more important unlawful substances such as heroin. Legalizing weed would grow the number of people who attempt cannabis and then consequently change to harder narcotics. This may place a lot of financial burdens on the medical system as well as the public funds to give alleviation to these people if they have serious issues.

Final Notions on the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed

If lots of nations will act to legalize therapeutic and recreational weed, the record of its pros and cons will eventually increase as well. Nevertheless, to what point you stand on the problem, it is great to understand what the other point of view believes. Some may agree on the legalization of weed both in the state and federal levels, others may be against it since they have a distinct feeling on the said matter. 

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