Top 10 Landrace Strains to Grow in Your Weed Garden

landrace strains

If you want to know the types of weed that have distinct characteristics, you will find it in landrace strains. Some veteran users may miss these strains as they have a unique character. You can distinguish them without confusion. Chances of finding them are limited so if you get lucky, you shouldn’t let go of it.

Crossbreeds and hybrids are the ones that you can easily find in the market these days. If you haven’t had a strain with a distinct profile, you should try one and you will be coming back for more. First, you have to know them so you can check the following list. Buy some seeds and start growing them in your weed garden.

Top 10 Landrace Strains

1. Panama Red

It’s obvious from its name that it is from the Panama landrace. It’s a Sativa strain that has lower THC than the strains in the same variety. It was very popular from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Veteran consumers use their mellow high to summon positive feelings. This strain can also boost energy and creativity. It’s considered a social weed as its effects are great for socializing. Even the timid ones can have the courage to talk.

Growing this weed and obtaining the yield may test your patience. The flowering stage takes more time compared to other varieties. You should understand that the time it consumes is for its productivity and quality of potent buds. It can thrive indoors and outdoors. You can get twelve to sixteen ounces per square meter for indoor growth and sixteen ounces or more when you grow it in an outdoor garden.

It’s a bit popular in North California, Oregon, and Washington these days. You can rarely find it in dispensaries because of the long period necessary for its growth. Finding its seeds can also be a challenge but once you have them, make sure you let it grow in a Panama-like environment.

2. Maui Wowie

It was one of the celebrity strains in the sixties and the seventies. A lot of people patronize this strain as it is used for unwinding and relieving oneself from stress. You will be lured by the tropical and delightful aroma smell of this weed. It is what you can expect from a strain from the shores of Hawaii.

Users will feel pumped up with energy and happiness. You will have an opportunity to cherish its tropical vibe.

It thrives in a tropical climate but you can easily grow it indoors and outdoors. This variety is highly resistant to pests and diseases. With the right supervision, it would only take nine weeks to give you nice smelling and tasty buds. You can get fourteen ounces per square meter if you choose to grow it indoors while outdoor cultivation can give sixteen ounces per plant.

3. Durban Poison

It’s considered the best Sativa variety that has a nickname ‘Espresso of Weed’. So it always ranks on the top as the most well-known Sativa strain of all time. If you’re a fan of a euphoric high, you will surely love this strain. It stimulates good mood and creativity. It hails from Durban, a city port located in South Africa.

Unlike other landrace strains, Durban Poison has an ample supply that you can avail in different parts of the world. It won’t be hard to get your hands on this weed. You may buy the seeds from a seed bank so you can add it to your stash.

The THC level of this strain doesn’t go lower than 16%. One will know the uniqueness of this weed once they get high. Consumers will find themselves happy and content like nothing else matters while they get to feast on its earthy, sweet, and piney scent and taste.

4. Colombian Gold

It is a landrace strain that established the reputation of Colombia as the origin of wonderful strains. Its equatorial location in South America is the ideal growing condition for weed. The warmth in this tropical area with heavy rain nurtures Sativa well.

Skunk #1 is its offspring and it also became famous. You can grow this strain on your own as you can easily avail of the seeds from a seed bank or dispensary. It will allow you to harvest 450 to 600 grams per plant when you grow it outdoors. The indoor garden can let you pick 350 grams per square meter.

It can make you feel tingly, happy, relaxed, and euphoric. It alleviates anxiety and paranoia. When you’re looking for a daytime strain, you don’t need to look further as it is a perfect choice. It can keep you going and it seems that doing your task is a simple thing.

The THC ranges from 15% to 20% and it’s acceptable for both recreational and medical users. The smell and taste consist of skunk, citrus, pine, and wood.

5. Northern Lights

It’s an icon and it should be on your list of weeds that you must try before leaving earth. The creation of this strain is through the combination of Afghani and Thai landraces. As you see, it’s hybrid but it’s packed with the landrace strains genetics.

Indica varieties shouldn’t be ignored and it contributed to the spread of indoor cultivation. The very first grow light was experienced by this strain. The flowering stage only takes 45 to 50 days.

An abundant yield can be gained from growing this weed. Indoor growth can let you collect buds weighing 500 to 550 grams per square meter. The outdoor harvest ranges from 575 to 625 grams per plant.

Taking this weed would need preparation for the cerebral rush. But it won’t be for too long. The high dies down so you will feel relaxed and all you want to do is to binge-watch your favorite Netflix series and feel the softness of the couch.

6. Afghan Kush

Don’t brag your encounters to Afghan Kush as it is an ancient weed that surpassed many wars, tribe invasions, droughts, and other historical events. It came from the mountains of the Hindu Kush that intersect northern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the boundaries of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It thrives in the wild terrain for centuries.

It has a distinct aroma which is similar to Pinesol. Villagers smoke this as a hash or in a hookah. The sweet taste attracts a lot of fans. The effects may be positive or negative to its users. It all depends on your mood.

Some are happy to let calmness and tranquility wrap around them. They are the ones who need much relaxation and to be free from stress. Some people don’t find the lethargic feeling as favorable to them. It’s when you need to get things done but you can’t because of its weight.

It has a THC content around 13% to 17%. The aroma and flavor are filled with hash, wood, sweetness, and earthiness. But it is not entirely lost in the realms of marijuana cultivation. Some cultivators propagate landrace strains like this one as it’s good to go back to classic. You can get 16 ounces per square meter for indoor growth while outdoor cultivation lets you harvest 21 ounces per plant.

7. Sinai

It was originally cultivated in Egypt’s desert mountains by the Bedouin tribe. The Sinai Peninsula is the exact location. Due to its natural habitat, it is a heat-resistant marijuana plant. Another thing to love about is its high yield.

The height of this Sativa variety with vine structure reaches four to six feet. You can get bit airy buds shrouded with resin which gives you the blissful effect. It’s not only for recreational tokers but its medical properties are perfect for those who battle with some ailments.

8. Kwazulu

Everyone can grow this strain as it can adapt to any kind of environment and climate. It is highly resistant to molds and pests. The harvest from the indoor plantation is around 350 grams per square meter. Outdoor growth will provide 450 to 500 grams per plant. This plant needs 55 to 65 days to flower.

The THC level is from 17% to 20%. You will love its long-lasting effects as you remain feeling great and energetic. It helped the Zulu warriors who came from the place where Kwazulu originally grew. It’s another South African weed that made history with the locals in fighting the British Army.

9. Ketama

This is a landrace strain that hails from Ketama, northern Morocco. The place is tagged as the Hash Capital of the country. It was able to survive the barren, rocky soil which is perfect for hashish production. The reason why it was chosen by growers is because of its high yield.

When you grow it indoors, you can gather 300 to 400 grams per square meter. On the other hand, outdoor cultivation brings 400 to 500 grams per plant. It’s fast-flowering so you don’t have to wait for too long in getting its resinous buds. It is resilient to diseases and pests while it is moderately resistant to molds.

It has a fair share of 16% THC that lets you experience the pleasant narcotic. The taste is woody and it’s perfect for hash or extract making.

10. Balkhi

If you’re into pure Afghani landrace, this one’s for you. The discovery of this strain took place on the northern side of Afghanistan. It is a compact plant but with a lot of branches. Narrow and broad leaves are around its spherical structure. Some phenotypes are semi-dwarves.

The height ranges from 3 feet to 10 feet. It has sticky buds that are soaked in resin so it’s the ideal candidate for hash and extracts. Expect a high yield from it as long as you take care of it well. Cultivators revere it as a strain that is excellent at breeding and it should be included in your collection.

The aroma and flavor are composed of pine, sandalwood, citrus, and lime with tones of burnt rubber. There are various phenotypes so some are Sativa and some are Indica. Due to its resinous buds, they are either abundant in THC, THCV, or CBD.


You can always check the online seed bank and dispensary and look for the landrace strains category to avail the seeds. Most of them are resistant to harmful factors so you won’t have a hard time growing them. They can give you a unique experience that is way different from the modern hybrid strains.

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