Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Buying cannabis seeds in Canada is not illegal. You can either buy marijuana seeds from a local source or online. Just see to it that you are making transactions with a legitimate seed source to avoid delays and other problems during shipping. Buying of seeds can also be done from seed banks in Netherlands and from other countries where ordering and shipping of marijuana seeds are allowed. Once you have already complied all the requirements being asked by the government of Canada, then growing pot can already be done without worrying about being caught by authorities.

Is it allowed to grow marijuana seeds in Canada?
Yes, growing marijuana seeds is allowed in Canada, as long as you can submit to the Canadian government all the documents needed together with your application and identification. Cannabis is still illegal in Canada but growing marijuana seeds and smoking pot for the purpose of medication are decriminalized but should be under strict compliance. Approved medical patients can grow marijuana seeds but within the limited number. Buying marijuana seeds in Canada is also permitted. You can get pot seeds from local sources or from seed banks.

Is online buying of marijuana seeds legal?
In some countries and areas, buying marijuana seeds is illegal but in Canada, buying seeds is not a problem. It is legal to purchase cannabis seeds online from seed banks, depending on the country where the seeds are to be shipped. Seed banks understand that not all countries treat marijuana as legal, that’s why they are making sure that order of marijuana seeds will be delivered safely and in a very discrete manner. To avoid problems during order and shipping, check your local laws about marijuana. The internet is the best source if you are looking for reliable seed banks that can offer you wide selection of marijuana seeds. Deal only with a legitimate seed bank so you can be assured not only of getting quality marijuana seeds but also of private and fast delivery.

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