Expert Tips on How to Sober Up from Weed

how to sober up from weed

Waking up with a massive headache? Feeling dehydrated, and you feel you’d like to vomit? What is happening? All you can remember is that you were having a good time smoking weed and trippin’ like there’s no tomorrow. That’s it. You are suffering from a weed hangover.

Weed hangover is not a very pleasant feeling. No one likes hangovers. As a cannabis consumer, it would be nice if you can avoid experiencing hangovers. If you didn’t help it, it would be best that you know how to sober up from the weed hangover.

What is Weed Hangover?

Weed hangover is quite similar to alcohol hangover. It happens when a person has over-consumed cannabis, more than what his body system can take. Note that the overconsumption of cannabis cannot lead to cannabis overdose. There is no such thing as cannabis overdose, and clinical studies show that there no fatal incidents involving over consumption of cannabis except for weed hangover.

The effects of weed hangover are manageable, and the symptoms are like those of alcohol hangover. Headache, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. Every cannabis consumer, whether you are a novice or an expert, cannot help but experience weed hangover once in a while. Though it would be best to avoid it by not over-consuming cannabis, sometimes, you just can’t help it. So here are helpful tips from the experts on how to sober up from weed.

How to sober up from weed: Tips from the Experts

Waking up with a bad hangover is not a good way to start your day. You can’t go to work, not feeling well, and it’s not good to spend the rest of the with such a bad feeling. But do you sober up.

  • Freshen up. Yup. Wake and refresh yourself by splashing cold water on your face and neck or better yet take a shower. It would shock your body system and can make you feel better. The reason why taking a bath or shocking your body system with cold shower is helpful to sober you up from weed hangover is that too much consumption of THC effect’s the ability the body to function well. Thus, “shocking” the body will initially make you feel better.
  • Make your self a cup of coffee. Preferably black, coffee is known to help you sober up with a hangover. It is already proven with alcohol hangover. This will awaken the senses of the body. Drinking more than five cups of coffee a day can reduce the number of neurotransmitters that are affected by the weed. Drinking coffee can help sober up from weed hangover so you can sip while eating breakfast.
  • Feed your body. After a very active trip, you wake up the next morning feeling tired, have a massive headache, and most probably famished. Get into the shower, make yourself a cup of coffee, and then eat! Feed your body with the lost energy so that you can function well during the day. This will help you get on your feet and will make you feel better.
  • Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water. This will help flush out the cannabis component inside the body as well as keep the body hydrated so that you will feel so much better. It will give you energy and, at the same time, cleanse your system. As much as possible, avoid flavored drinking water as there may be some chemicals that will work against the chemicals in your body.
  • Move. Do not lay in bed all day because the feeling will never go away. It might worsen the situation. Get up, freshen up, feed yourself and keep moving. This will allow the system to function normally. It will keep you busy and keep the body active as well.
  • Black pepper. Ever wonder why black pepper is good for hangovers? They contain a chemical called caryophyllene, which can relieve anxiety and decrease the risk of paranoia. You can mix it with your food. 
  • Eat some CBD edibles. The THC component in marijuana causes the high thus, when you over consume weed and enjoy strong psychoactive effects; then you must have a lot of THC in your body. Clinical studies showed that CBD counteracts the negative effects of THC in the body. If you are suffering from cannabis hangover, then take some CBD edibles to keep you feel better. 
  • Lemon. They contain limonene, which is also present in some cannabis. It can reduce the risk of anxiety. Notably, limonene can promote weight loss and help in the treatment of cancer. Make a lemon juice, add some sugar, and zest a bit of peel. Drink up to make you feel better.
  • Aspirin can help. Yep. The easiest way to get rid of a bad hangover is by taking aspirin or ibuprofen. It is also safe and has no reported incident of any harmful effects. It doesn’t also have harmful effects on the components of cannabis. An aspirin a popular way of dealing with a hangover because of its ease of access and its availability, and it is effective, among others.
  • Breathe and relax. If you wake up with a weed hangover and you have nothing to do for the day, then relax and chill. Still, you have o freshen up and take some medications, feed yourself, hydrate and move. You can take a short walk, spend time with your pets, take a walk in the park. Pause. Breathe. Relax. Take time off to flush off the bad effects of cannabis in your body.

The above-mentioned tips are proven to be effective in sobering up from a cannabis hangover. They are all basic and accessible if you need them. The main goal of sobering up from cannabis hangover is to counteract the effects of cannabis, particularly THC in the body.


The overconsumption of cannabis is not good. As a responsible cannabis consumer, it is basic for you to know that. If, in any case, it is also important for you to know how to sober up from weed hangover. Know your limits. Be a responsible user.

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