How Long for Edibles to Kick in: Guide for Stoners

how long for edibles to kick in

Edibles are rapidly progressing after people are experimenting with brownie infused with marijuana. From then on, foods with added cannabis extract have become widely recognized and successful. You will be surprised that it has been popping in TV shows, weddings, and other related events. Although smoking marijuana still ranks as the highest utilized delivery method, there is no doubt that numerous people are opting for eating it.

Nonetheless, eating marijuana is not as easy as it sounds. It may involve a tricky process, and if not regulated accordingly, consumers may end up in a difficult situation. Why? Because the high effects of edibles are far different from smoking, and it is rather intense when it kicks in. 

Hence, in this article, we will understand the nature of edibles and how long for edibles to kick in the body. We will also be able to find out what are the factors that affect the onset of edibles’ effects. Scroll down to read more about this.

The Nature of Edibles

Edibles are food mixed with marijuana extracts. It is made from various ingredients and forms, including brownies, biscuits, coffee, beers, sugar, truffles, and other sweets, beverages, and baked products. These are just a few varieties of edibles that have increasingly progressed due to the constant experimentation of people.

Answering the notion of how long for edibles to kick in, the answer it does not kick in immediately. These are a few of the mistakes that most people do when trying out edibles for the first time. An average of two hours, depending on the factors present, the effectiveness of edibles will start to be felt. With this long period of waiting, consumers tend to eat more after taking their first bite leading to overconsumption and unwanted consequences. 

How Long for Edibles to Kick In?

As mentioned, an average of one to two hours that you will be able to feel that edibles will start to kick in. However, this is not always the case because there are several factors that may affect the capacity of the body to absorb marijuana; hence, there will be times that the effects will be slow or fast.

Amount of Active Ingredients

Not all edibles are made similarly. There are edibles that comprise a larger amount of THC compounds, and some have low. To know how long for edibles to kick in, always check the label of the product when purchasing or regulate the number of marijuana products when baking at home. The more active ingredients present in an edible, the faster the effects will kick in.

For instance, a cannabis butter has much lower active ingredients concentrated compared to oils and other forms of cannabis concentrates. Therefore, edibles infused with cannabis butter are less potent than the ones with concentrated oils, making it much lesser to kick in when ingested. Make sure, before purchasing, ask about how the edibles were made to predict how long for edibles to kick in.

Sweet Stuff and Mucus

Sweet edible products like lollipop and gums will deliver a much faster absorption in the body and kicks in rapidly. This is due to the method of delivery through mucus. Compared to other edibles, sweet food like lollipops are not swallowed and rather ingested. Mucus helps down to absorb the active ingredients by the mouth membranes causing the faster kicking of effects. This process is known as sublingual absorption.

Chewable Food and Metabolism

In terms of chewable edible products and how long for edibles to kick in, have much more time needed. These chewable edibles, namely brownies, cookies, and other kinds, are difficult to absorb when eaten mainly due to its way of being processed. Upon eating, it goes through the digestive tract, and the active ingredients from the edible will run through the bloodstream down to the liver.

As the active ingredients enter the liver, it undergoes metabolism before finally releasing back to the human’s bloodstream. At this point, the effects of edibles will begin to kick in as the active ingredients enter the brain. This is how long for edibles to kick in because of the long process that the body needed to process the edibles and its active ingredients.

Body Mass and Intake of Food

Each person will get affected by edibles differently due to body mass, and the amount of food devoured before or after eating edibles can affect how long for edibles to kick in. According to studies, if a person consumes edibles in an empty stomach, the effects will be much faster to pitch in. The same goes for eating food after ingesting can improve the speed of the effects.

As the food ingested shoves the edibles to the digestive tract, making the whole process of metabolism extensively faster. It will take approximately at least thirty minutes of waiting time. That is why numerous experts and dispensaries that suggest eating at least a small portion of food before trying out any kind of edibles to control the duration of its kick in a much tolerable and less abrupt manner.


Tolerance can influence on how long for edibles to kick in your body and mind. For first-timers or people with low tolerance on active ingredients like THC, it will be much faster for the effects to be felt compared to long term users who are much more accustomed to intoxication.

It is recommended among those who have a low tolerance and first-timers of edibles to always examine the labels of how much quantity of THC and CBD present in every edible serving. Usually, a gummy bear has a general THC amount around ten milligrams per piece or a hundred milligrams per packaging. It could be quite tricky for brownies in terms of THC dosage; hence it is necessary to read product labels to understand the edibles you are consuming and how much you should take. In this way, you can foresee how long for edibles to kick in.

How Long The Effects Last?

Compared to vaping, dabbing, and smoking, eating edibles lasts surprisingly lengthy. It will take approximately six to seven hours before it will subside. Typically, when edibles begin to shove in, it will initially be felt smooth and gradually increases its potency within an average of three hours.

Afterward, anticipate that the effects can be exceptionally potent and unpredictable at this point. On top of this, varying duration of the effects will also be affected according to the method of ingestion, the dosage of active ingredients, and the strain used.


Generally, how long for edibles to kick in will differ from one person to another, considering the varying factors that might decrease or increase its speed to soar. The bottom line of all these, primarily as a guide for stoners, it is crucial to comprehend and know how much THC level present or mixed on the edibles per serving, especially when it is homemade. It could serve as an opportunity to take full control of the ingredients’ measurements.

In the end, the factors mentioned above are the most common facets that assist and guide you on how long for edibles to kick in and ultimately lead you on how much edibles you can tolerate in achieving the desired result.  

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