Complete Guide to Understanding the Method of Hotboxing


If you are an experienced cannabis smoker, you should know that there are many ways to get stoned. Yes, smoking will eventually make you high, but there are ways to make the experience even better. If you are tripping alone or with friends, you would always want to get the best experience.

One way to level up your smoking experience is by hotboxing. If you are new to marijuana smoking, you might not have tried this method, but you may have heard of it from friends. Hot boxing may sound exciting and fun.

What is Hotboxing?

Hotboxing involves smoking pot in a small and enclosed space so the smoke will be able to fill the area. Many cannabis smokers prefer Hotboxing to get the most of their smoking trip. It can be done in small places such as inside the car, the bathroom, a small room, or any enclose space.

Hotboxing is not just done by one person because he cannot fill the room with smoking. It is usually done by one or more people.

An argument that has long been a topic of debate subjecting the fact if Hotboxing can get you high and the answer is YES. The science behind this is that it is the lack of oxygen that will get you high and not excess smoke. 

Researchers from John Hopkins School of Medicine showed results that Hotboxing can have effects on non-cannabis smokers. It practically is like second-hand smoking, but it should be done in a small and enclosed area. In this study, they placed 6 smokers and 6 non-smokers in a 3×4 meter cubicle. The result showed that both smokers and non-smokers tested positive with THC. Smokers had high levels of intoxication, while non-smokers had mild.

It is important to note that Hotboxing is a method that is done in an enclosed environment meaning there is minimal oxygen. Oxygen deprivation is not good, and too much carbon dioxide in the body can cause negative effects.

How is it done?

In a simpler point of view, Hotboxing is smoking in enclosed places. Here are some tips on how it is done:

  1. First things first chose your weed. You may want something they can punch you with a strong high. Careful beginners because potent strains may be overwhelming for you. 
  2. Select the place; It would be best if the area will have minimal absorptive materials like mats or couch. These materials will be able to absorb the smoke.
  3. Prepare multiple blunts or joints. It is best to have enough for the group. It will be very helpful if everyone who is joining will have their own blunts or joints. 
  4. Have some water. It is important to stay hydrated during your Hotboxing. We are all aware that the side effects of smoking cannabis are dry mouth and eyes, so better have access to water while enjoying the trip. 
  5. Have some snacks and drinks. Just be prepare because you might get hungry and may want to have some soda or beer. It’s a small party anyway, so why not have these foodies accessible to the group so they will not leave the room.
  6. Music. Playing the right music will surely set the environment. There are plenty and songs to choose from. Set the mood so everyone will have a good time during Hotboxing. You don’t have to worry because there are plenty of songs and artists to choose from. Set in the vibe. Party.

Hotboxing locations

So you are interested in setting a Hotboxing location. You are looking for an enclosed place that can cater to the number of people who can join your party. What is the best place to hold unboxing?

  • The car. This is classic unboxing, but this will only involve a few people. Only those on which the size of the car can accommodate. If you want to hotbox in a car, choose a discreet place. You can do it in your driveway, in empty parking, a vacant lot. Make sure that you keep it discreet, and it should be near your house. Even if you keep it discreet, never disregard the safety of the place. Your safety matters most.
  • In a closet. Another small place that can accommodate one or two people, depending on the size of the closet. The problem here is that the closet has cracked so you can stuff with anything that will keep the smoke from going out. You can use tapes to cover the cracks; it will keep the smoke from coming out. If you plan to hotbox in a closet, you have to be very careful. Remember that you are going to smoke cannabis, and it involves fire. The last thing that you would like to happen is to set your closet on fire.
  • Inside the Bathroom. Expert cannabis smokers shared a tip on how to hotbox inside a bathroom without other people finding out. Bring two towels inside the bathroom. You need to roll up one towel lengthwise and then shoved it on the crack of your bathroom door. Turn on the shower on full heat. Steam will come out. Sit on the floor and smoke your weed. The smoke of the weed will diffuse with the steam. As soon as you are done, open the window to allow the steam to come out. If you need to be discreet, take a good shower to wash away any signs of odor.
  • An enclosed space. If you are going to host a Hotboxing party, check the ratio of the number of people joining to the size of your room. Make sure the room is just the right size to accommodate everyone and has little space for oxygen.

Though Hotboxing is a classic way for smokers to enjoy smoking more, safety should still be the primary concern. It can be a great way to spend smoking time with friends, but it should not become a habit. Even though it can feel great, depriving yourself of oxygen too much often is no joke. If you love Hotboxing it is okay, just stay safe.

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