CBD Zkittlez Feminized Marijuana Seeds

CBD Zkittlez Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant, all-female cannabis strain with high CBD at 10 percent and only 10 percent THC. This is a small strain that can produce high yields with calming, happy, sleepy, and relaxed effects. It will bloom buds with berry, citrus, grape, skunk, sour, and lemon flavors.

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More About CBD Zkittlez (1:1)

Immense Cannabis with Cerebral Buzz

CBD Zkittlez boasts its immense medicinal properties. It has equal THC and CBD levels. It’s a great strain to grow as many users love the therapeutic effects that reduce anxiety, stress, and melancholy. It produces medium-heavy yield, which is perfect for neophyte cannabis growers. This cannabis plant is resilient and easy to grow.

If you’re looking to create your own personal medical garden, this seed type is very suitable for you with decent cultivating yields. As it reaches full maturity, this strain stretches up to 3 feet tall. It develops broad fan leaves. When this plant is exposed to cold temperatures, its dark prune emerges from the thick flowers. It has great trichome production that makes it a perfect choice for optimum resin extraction.

By thinning out this plant’s foliage, adequate light and airflow penetration are achieved, which prevents moisture build-up. Also, it reduces pathogen and pest attacks. It’s extremely resilient that can surpass unfavorable conditions. It has CBD-laden resin that thrives well in a mild, warm climate.


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