CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds

CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a very therapeutic strain thanks to its very high CBD at 30 percent and only 1 percent THC. This strain is an early bloomer and a heavy yielder that can help ease anxiety, depression, inflammation, nausea, migraines, and seizures. You will love its calming, relaxing effects with pine and pungent flavors./

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More About CBD Ratio (1:30)

Wonder Strain with Latest Genetics

CBD Ratio made itself known for its therapeutic cannabis strain segment due to its extraordinarily high level of CBD content. Having as high as 24 % CBD level provides a massive and long-lasting relief from weakening all the pain, either physical or psychological quality. In addition, the lack of serious unfavorable effects makes it a better substitute medication that can be used without having an agitation of having high that follows.

CBD Ratio is not just delightful for therapeutic consumers but also for growers due to its easy to grow nature that gives an abundant harvest of high-quality resinous buds. Growing the CBD Ratio is an easy to grow attempt that even beginners in cultivating cannabis strain can try. Due to its mostly Indica genetics, it grows into a squat but huge structure that does not need more control of its height that can easily be grown in an indoor setting.

Aside from that, CBD Ratio is highly susceptible to pathogens, molds, and common diseases that means it both thrives in controlled and outdoor setups. Using the LST techniques is the perfect method to produce a healthy plant. After nine weeks of flowering, the CBD Ratio plant rewards you with at least 500 grams of resinous buds every square meter.


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