Purple Kush x White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Purple Kush x White Russian Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC at 20 percent. It is a majestic strain with high yields despite its small 60 cm height. It can produce up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Purple Kush x White Russian (fem)

A Visually Stunning Medicinal Strain

Purple Kush x White Russian is the result of crossing Purple Kush and White Russian. These two legendary strains have always been praised for their beauty and potency, and the combination of these two also crossed their attributes together. Created to become a highly medicinal plant, this Indica dominant strain is known to reach THC volumes as high as 23%. The citrus aroma and unique mix of spicy flavors initiate an overwhelming mental effect that slowly boosts the focus of the user. A full-body high soon follows, which interrupts all activities as the effects take the body hostage. Rest becomes the only significant activity.

Purple Kush x White Russian poses great medicinal value, much like its parent strains. Any psychological disruptions are temporarily relieved. Physical ailments brought upon by different stressors are also addressed. Due to the relaxing properties, pain and insomnia are immediately cured.

This Indica dominant strain thrives in an outdoor soil-based setup where it can spread its roots and harness the power of the earth and nutrients into its veins to produce massive buds.


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