Jack Herer x Superskunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Jack Herer x Superskunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain with heavy yields. This is an all-female stain with a creative, euphoric, focused, relaxing, and sleepy high that will help ease insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress. You will surely admire its lemon, citrus, orange, skunk, pine, pepper, and sweet flavors.

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More About Jack Herer x Superskunk (fem)

The Best of Skunk and Jack Herer in One!

Jack Herer x Superskunk is giving you another way to unwind after a busy day. She is a good everyday smoke. She tends to induce a cerebral buzz instead of a relaxing body high. That’s good, especially if you need to stay mentally alert and productive.

When it comes to effects, be ready for the mixed feelings of improved creativity, extreme relaxation, uplifted, and increased energy to keep you going. She induces a powerful boost to your energy and creativity without getting you overwhelmed. Her effects stay mild. With her, you’re less likely to be intoxicated, unless to take a higher dose.

For scent and taste, she features the combination of lemon, citrus, pine, pepper, sweet, and skunky notes. All these hints form an invigorating blend that is so tempting and delicious. Her THC level sits between 17-24% – just the right one.

She is easy to cultivate, considering how good her genetics were. She looks beautiful with those narrow bright green fan-like leaves and aromatic yellowish pistils.


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