Horchata Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Horchata marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid that is considered rare in the mainstream cannabis market. This weed is a product of crossbreeding Jetfuel marijuana and Mochi Gelato cannabis strains. The resulting hybrid is named after the popular Mexican drink that tastes like the drink itself with creamy vanilla and cinnamon blends! With THC levels that range from 23% to 29% don’t let its sweetness deceive you as it can pack a punch!

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Horchata Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced hybrid
Genetics Parents: Mochi Gelato x Jet Fuel Gelato
Flowering Period: unknown
Climate: Warm, Sunny
Yield: unknown
Flavors: Earthy, Creamy, Vanilla, Caramel, Floral, Spicy
THC Level: 23% – 29%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Horchata Feminized?

Horchata marijuana strain effects give a great combination of head and body highs. With a THC level that hits the 20’s, expect a powerful combination of cerebral stimulation of a deeply relaxing body high. It starts with a head buzzing that instantly gives the user an intense feeling of euphoria and their moods are suddenly uplifted. Everything they think about is all happy and motivating thoughts. The user’s minds are cleared of cobwebs and they have a focused awareness of things inspiring them to be creative. The mental stimulation then gives way to the physical effects that give the user a warm tingling sensation that starts from the head and crawls all over the body. That warm feeling wraps the user in a blanket of deeply sedating relaxation. Muscles and joints suddenly feel limp and loose giving that tranquil feeling to the user. This sedation is kind of mellow considering the high THC levels of this weed as the user is still fully alert and mobile as he enjoys his high. This makes for a great afternoon smoke to keep that fire in the user to keep on going about his duties for the day!

The appearance of Horchatais virtually eye candy! With a variety of green hues all over the buds and plants. The addition of random deep purple splashed in the leaves and buds gives the plant that depth in hue. The buds are adorned with fiery orange pistils that give life to the dark buds and a coating of thick and resinous trichomes adds the icing to the already colorful weed.

Its aroma is also something to marvel about as it smells like a mix of vanilla and cinnamon, just like the Horchata drink of Mexico. Notes of floral and spicy scents give that added twist to the smell. As the bud is lit, it even gets better as the creamy smoke emits a pungent earthy flavor that blends beautifully with the vanilla and floral notes of the wed. On the exhale, faint notes of spiciness cling to the tongue as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Horchata Feminized?

If the horchata flavor profile will have you salivating for tasting so good, this weed will build up your appetite and give you the munchies! Triggered by its taste, the Horchata weed strain is a great appetite enhancer and can be used as a medical cannabis option for those suffering from eating disorders. Its cerebrally stimulating effects of euphoria and mood enhancement are also a good way to treat those medical cannabis patients suffering from stress and depression as this weed can block any negativity that may continuously bother the user and give them that aura of confidence and motivation! Horchata cannabis is also a great pain relief weed as its deeply sedating and analgesic effects are a perfect combination for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint pains, and migraines.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Horchata Feminized

Being a high THC cannabis, expect some dizziness to occur but this will soon fade out once the mind and body adjust to the effects of this weed. Cottonmouth is another effect related to the user of this weed. By keeping yourself hydrated during and after the high will help relieve the dehydration problem. Anticipate the drying of the eyes and keeping a bottle of lubricating eye drops will help in the irritation of having dry eyes.

How to Grow Horchata Feminized?

Like most Sativa hybrids, the Horchata weed strain will love to grow in warm and sunny climates. Since we expect them to be medium to tall growing plants, the need to top them is necessary to regulate their upward growth and induce more branches to grow laterally. These branches are potential growth points for new buds to grow. Exposing them to colder nighttime temperatures before its flowering stage will induce the plant to bring out its purple coloration and increase the potency of the bud. Rememberber to keep the humidity levels low especially during the flowering stage to prevent any moisture build-up in the buds that may lead to bud rot. You may choose to grow them indoors or outdoors, just be sure that the plants will be getting the proper growth conditions they need to be healthy!


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