Crazy Tartz Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Crazy Tartz is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers very potent mental stimulation and body heavy sedation. With still an unknown lineage, this weed has a 60% Indica to 40% Sativa genetic makeup that will make its users feeling a little crazy with its hallucinogenic properties. It’s a trippers weed as its THC content of 23% will have mind-altering cerebral stimulation that will have trippers loving this weed! Adding appeal to this weed is its flavor profile that is full of lemons and berries mixed with that skunky cannabis taste everybody enjoys!

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Crazy Tartz Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica leaning
Genetics Parents: Undetermined
Flowering Period: 8 – 10 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, semi-Humid
Yield: Average
Flavors: Sweet, Sour, Fruity, Skunk, Berry Lemon
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Short and Bushy
Harvest Period: mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Crazy Tartz Feminized?

Crazy Tartz marijuana strain effects are quick to hit. It starts as a slight head buzz that has the mind gleefully enjoying the tingle. Users will start to feel euphoric as their moods are suddenly uplifted. A jolt of energy will suddenly be experienced by the user as their vigor will suddenly be enhanced. This powerful energy that hits the user’s head will have an impact on the mind and cause things to start being distorted. Both visual and auditory perceptions will be hazy but enhanced. Sounds start to get a little louder with echoes reverberating around, as images will be brighter with added colors. Despite the distortions, the user remains to be tranquil as the relaxing Indica effect balances the cerebral stimulation, putting the user at peace and still feeling a calming bliss. Slowly the sedation heightens and a spine-tingling sensation will cause goosebumps all over. As the body is in pure relaxation, the mind is still playing around with the senses making this a great trip. This is one of the most enchanting highs one can ever feel and it is best smoked in the safety of your home as this weed will have users reeling for hours!

The aroma of this weed can’t get any more natural. It has a burst of fruity goodness that mixes well with the skunky and sour scent of its buds, maybe hinting that this has a Kush lineage. As the bud is lighted, and the smoke touches the taste buds, an even more pungent skunky and earthy flavor says hello! This acrid flavor is balanced out by the berries and citrus taste of the weed. As the smoke clears the mouth a sweet taste will cling to the lips and remain there as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Crazy Tartz Feminized?

With the influx of US states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, users have started to look at cannabis as an alternative option to the pharmaceutical drugs being offered as a medicinal treatment. Medical cannabis patients have used Crazy Tartz to provide remedies to their illnesses related to mood disorders. The weed’s euphoric and mood uplifting qualities are good in treating stress, depression, and even anxiety as it can make the patient forget about the bothersome thoughts that continuously hound their heads daily. The weed uplifts the mind and soul giving them a true feeling of happiness and contentment as they exude an aura of positivity while they are enjoying the high. For those who are in agony of pain such as joint inflammation, headaches, chronic pain, and muscle spasms, the sedating and analgesic properties of the weed are enough to numb the pain and offer a pain-free high!

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Crazy Tartz Feminized

Users not used to hallucinogenic highs should stay away from this weed as the bold high of this strain may cause paranoia, fear, and anxiety. For the more adventurous novice, take it a few tokes at a time until the mind and body get used to its effects.
Experiencing dehydration is a common side effect of smoking this weed. Cottonmouth or drying of the mouth can be properly addressed by taking in lots of hydrating fluids to combat the harsh effects of dehydration. Having dry eyes is another adverse reaction that can be easily remedied by applying a few drops of lubricating eye drops to soothe the irritation.

How to Grow Crazy Tartz Feminized?

Being an Indica dominant weed, Crazy Tartz feminized weed train is short and bushy. Although they are relatively easy to grow, there is a need to prune some branches and leaves of the plant to promote better air circulation within the plant and allow light to penetrate deeply into the center of the plant for healthier and even growth. These plants prefer to grow in warm, sunny, and semi-humid conditions, so it is important to check the humidity levels and keep them on the low side especially if the plant is about to enter the flowering stage. Excess water vapor in the air may cause moisture build-up in the buds that will lead to bud rot. These plants will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 8 to 10 weeks and yield an average to above-average harvest.


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