Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in Chicago?

If you are in Chicago and want to buy some marijuana seeds to grow your medicine then you better buy them online from Canada and have them shipped right to your doorsteps. This is because you cannot find any high quality marijuana seeds sellers in the USA even if it is legal in some states.

While Illinois has its own medical marijuana program but transport of marijuana products and seeds across states is not permitted thus there is a limited number of people who want to invest in selling high quality marijuana seeds. With this, a lot of growers try their luck somewhere else like Amsterdam, UK and Canada. They look for a marijuana seed company that offer marijuana seeds mail order to Chicago and other parts in the USA.

It is risky but worth your money and time because you’ll be getting high quality marijuana seeds that you cannot find from a local supplier who will sell you bag seeds for not so cheap cost. You are also assured that the seeds that you’ll be getting have high germination rate and you’ll get support from the customer service.

Buy marijuana seeds from Canada with delivery to Chicago

We offer discreet shipping to Chicago and other parts of the USA. We are a Vancouver, B.C, Canada based company with phone support, live chat and responsive email support that won’t leave you hanging when you have questions or concerns with your order. We are the only seed company that has a phone number, live chat and email which is open 24/7.

If you order your marijuana seeds from us, you are assured of high quality strains that we source all the way from our breeders from around the world.

As you can see, we only carry a few strains. This is because we only sell the strains that pass our quality standards. If a strain doesn’t pass all our requirements, then we don’t sell them. We do that to make sure that we can only provide you with high quality strains that have high germination rate.

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