Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with good yields and delicious lemon, pine, sweet and woody flavors. It is a calming, creative, euphoric, talkative, and relaxing strain that you can use to deal with anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, stress, fatigue, and headaches in a natural way.

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More About Orka (Tipo Moby) Autoflower 

Excellent Moby Dereived Cannabis Hybrid

Orka auto-flowering version is mostly Sativa cannabis strain that first exists after combining the Moby Dick with Aruderais strain to make it auto. It has a medium amount of THC, which is 13 to 17 percent and just right enough to use as recreational and medicinal. Orka Auto-flowering seeds grow into a taller plant that has a slim profile with a big intermodal gap in between the branches that grow in a horizontal way.

It is easy to grow plants, and it is highly recommended to beginners due to its high resistance in such moisture buildup. Orka auto-flowering seeds prefer to grow in areas that have a humid climate where there is a short summer season. Growing it indoors can yield up to 500 grams every square meter while outdoors, it yields about 60 to 150 grams every Orka plant.

To acquire such a great result, a usual diet is enough and feeds it more nutrients of water to grow its full potential. You may also install some tents outside to control the unpredictable weather conditions.


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