Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) Marijuana Seeds

Purple Thai, Afghani, and Thai are combined to create the Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) Marijuana Strain. This 80 percent Indica-dominant strain has a very low THC content of 1% and a very high CBD content of 16%. Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains, muscle spasms, seizures, and other physical and mental problems can all be helped with this burden. This strain is also pleasing to the senses, producing aromas and flavors such as blueberry, honey, fruity, earthy, sandalwood, and piney, all of which make the consumer want more.

The CBD Blueberry Auto (1:16) Marijuana Strain is a difficult strain to develop both indoors and outdoors, so it’s best left to the pros. This strain can be developed by beginners, but it will take a lot of attention. When grown indoors, the strain has a 9-week flowering cycle and yields 500 grams per square meter. The outdoor setup will produce 650 grams per plant, with harvest taking place in October.

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Auto CBD Blueberry Strain Specifications

Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Purple Thai x Thai x Afghani
Flowering Period: 9 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, Tropical, Temperate, Continental
Yield: (Indoors) 500 g/m2, (Outdoors) 650 g/plant
Flavors: Fruity, Piney, Sandalwood, Blueberry, Sweet
THC Level: 1%
CBD Level: 16%
Height: 110 cm
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Intermediate

What are the Flavors and Effects of Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16)?

When you smoke this delicious strain, you’ll get a basket full of fresh blueberries. The swirls of smoke in the mouth and nostrils will transport the consumer to a blueberry farm. Hints of oak, sandalwood, and damp soil may also be detected by users. The aromas will linger for a long time inside the building. This strain has a berry taste with earthy notes that last in the mouth for a long time, similar to its aroma.

The Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) cannabis strain is great for relaxing at any time of day. Still, since this strain can induce restful sleep, it’s best to eat it after the sun has set. This pressure promotes mental clarity and alertness, allowing the body to perform at its best. The optimistic and uplifting mindset that this pressure provides will also be felt by users.

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16)?

This strain’s high CBD content makes it useful for treating a variety of mental and physical ailments. Patients suffering from epileptic seizures, chronic pains, premenstrual syndrome, fibromyalgia, or insomnia will benefit from this pressure. Patients suffering from chronic stress, depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can benefit from the Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) marijuana strains. Negative thoughts will be blocked by this pressure, and blissful and hopeful ideas will take their place. This strain is also helpful for cancer patients because it reduces nausea and increases appetite by inducing munchies.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16)

Cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration are some of the mild side effects of this beneficial strain. By drinking plenty of water, the Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) can help to avoid dehydration and cotton-mouth, as well as mild headaches and migraines. To relieve the irritating feeling, apply an eye drop moisturizer to the red, dry, and itchy eyes.

How to Grow Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) Marijuana Seeds?

The Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) grows into a bushy and shorter structure as a result of its Indica hand. This is a difficult strain to develop, whether in a grow room or outside the home. This strain has a 12/12 light and dark cycle when grown indoors, which means it must be exposed to artificial light for 12 hours and then darkness for another 12 hours. This method will increase the yield output. When growing in an outdoor setup, the strain must be exposed to the sun in order to consume more sunlight and achieve higher yields. Since we can’t predict the weather, it’s best to build a canopy or a shelter for strains to alleviate concerns about heavy rain or strong winds.


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