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We took our White Widow and made her flower automatically. White Widow is high in THC and is known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. Easy to grow, especially for beginners. Caution – the high from White Widow is not for beginners.

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More About White Widow

Provides a Chilled High

White Widow auto-flower offers the legendary features of the original White Widow into the auto-flowering strain world. It was the result after blending its genotype parent White Widow and the Ruderalis to make it an auto-flower category.

Most growers love white Widow auto-flowering as it has a short growing cycle that usually lasts up to 8 weeks. It is an Indica-dominant strain that has 65 % Indica and 35% Sativa genetics.  Its fast flowering genetics inherits from its genotype Ruderalis. It can yield high-standard buds and at least 150 to 250 grams of each plant in a warm, sunny temperature outdoors. Otherwise, raising it indoors can also produce beautiful buds of up to 120 each square meter.

Its 21.10% THC content makes it light, relaxing, and even functional to smoke. The high feeling from a Sativa element creates an alleviating thought that provokes heads to do sitting down to work with creativity.

120 reviews for White Widow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ryan T.

    Ryan T.

    I successfully germinated 4 out of 4 of these and was very happy! The growth rate was wacky though and they all went into flower at different times. I used Coco Coir with 30% perlite and Gaia Green dry amendments under LED lights now at 440 true watts. The first one that went into flower is the smallest, the second one that went into flower is bigger, the third one that went into flower is even bigger, and the fourth one got so big that I had to remove it from the tent and chopped it because of the delay into flowering, several weeks to a month after the first one. I’m 6 feet tall and it was in a 5 gallon pot and grew up to my chin and about 2-3 feet or more across. Autoflower? I thought it was a photoperiod but it wasn’t. If I had the room and time, that beauty would have produced so much! Today, at day 64 of 80, the 3 remaining are magnificent, healthy, and have buds everywhere. And the smell is intense!!! I would not run these again in 5 gallon pots as I suspect that is why they didn’t flower all at the same time, instead I would use 3 gallon. The smallest one takes forever to drink it’s water but the others need it every 2 days without fail. I give these 5 stars but maybe should have given 4 due to the different flowering times and different sizes, but it could easily have been my fault with improper lights and pot sizes or watering problems. I’m pretty sure I’ll pull a few hundred grams from these girls though. Do not grow these if you want a small stealthy grow. They can get huge and the smell is more than my brand new 6″ fan and filter can handle. This is my second grow and I can’t wait until harvest day. Beautiful plants!!!

  2. Avatar for Cannabald


    Germinated 5 and they all popped!! They are in early flower and looking great, I will order again.

  3. Avatar for Brett


    I ordered the white widow auto flower and there doing great. It’s my first time growing and there about 2 weeks old from sprouting and had 100% germination. So it’s only looking up from here!

  4. Avatar for Charlie


    This is not my first experience with White Widow autoflower and not my first experience with these seeds from Crop King. I live in the SE US and had originally planned for the White Widow to be my fall outdoor crop (that actually works really well here). Germination issues with my Crop King Jack Herer auto’s left me with space to be filled so I germinated five of my ten White Widow seeds. Germination 5/5. They are health robust plants that have been in the ground (Fox Farms soil) for four weeks now. They get Fox Farms fertilizer 1/2 strength every other day and are growing like “weeds”. My outdoor auto flower plants usually get to about 30″ and these guys might beat that. One plant is a little “strange” the leaves are very asymmetrical with a three lobed leaf on one side of the node and a five lobed leaf on the other in an alternating pattern. The three lobed leaves are well formed but the five lobed leaves are not. I have not seen anything like this in years. Back in the mid 1970’s when we were playing with colchicine treatment on some seedlings we saw some similar in first and second generation plants. Not exactly like this but similar. The colchicine killed about 50% of our seedings (maybe a bit more – I dont have those journals anymore) but what we did harvest was amazing (of course, back then, we were using seeds out the bags we were buying and had no idea what we were actually growing. I am going to harvest this plant separately and cure it separately out of curiosity. This has been a good strain for me in the past

  5. Avatar for Bradley Cannon

    Bradley Cannon

    This is my first grow I couldn’t be more pleased they are doing great and I know I need to pull some weeds, and hopefully, the seedlings will play some catch-up. These are going to be some BIG plants I think. They are already almost 3 feet tall. Getting pretty bushy and some massive leaves the plants are in really good shape! they have nothing wrong with them.

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