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Auto CBD White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds

We now have Feminized Auto CBD White Widow Strain Marijuana Seeds, the perfect choice for novice and expert growers looking for a well-balanced Hybrid. Due to the short 8–10 week growing period and straightforward cultivation process, it is easy for beginners.

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  • BOGO 5 Seeds Pack

Additional Information

This strain’s well-balanced ratio of 6-7% THC to 6-7% CBD results in a gentle and relaxing high. This genetic line also includes Autoflowering and Feminized variants. There’s more, though! If searching for top-notch cannabis seeds, go no further than Crop King Seeds Canada. One of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada, they provide a wide range of strains to suit any preference. A satisfying, well-rounded crop of cannabis can be produced with the help of the Auto CBD White Widow Strain.

Description of Auto CBD White Widow Strain

With its therapeutic qualities, the beautiful Auto CBD White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds will enchant you. This amazing hybrid perfectly combines the White Widow XXL Auto and Auto CBD strains. Auto CBD White Widow Strain’s balanced 6-7% CBD and mild 6-7% THC content make for a soothing experience. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a serene journey with a dash of comedy and increased focus. Since its release in the 1990s, it has generated some of the frostiest flowers and developed a reputation for its complex, pleasant, quick-hitting, and lasting effects. Imagine the focused euphoria and laughter this strain is capable of producing! Its effects are quite complex, pleasurable, and quick to take effect. This strain has a high THC content, making it ideal for those seeking a powerful medical high without becoming lost in the cloud.

Strain Effects

The pure therapeutic effects of the Auto CBD White Widow Strain include a variety of sensations and a delicate moment of light, making it ideal for managing and reducing stress and anxiety levels. We retained the lovely flavor and aroma in the autoflowering CBD variant while removing the effects that cause couch-lock. Auto CBD White Widow Strain gives a far more pleasant and tolerable impact while maintaining her mother’s unique characteristics. She is approachable to all sorts of users due to her balance and moderate high, so everyone can relax and enjoy this magnificent legendary strain.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance of Auto CBD White Widow Strain

Auto CBD White Widow Strain, is a wonderful fusion of aromas and aesthetics that will surprise even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Get ready to satisfy your senses. This strain’s peculiar qualities result from a triad of terpenes called Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Terpinolene.

Picture a citrus rush followed by a mouthwatering fruit mélange all wrapped up in a sweet embrace. Every puff of Auto CBD White Widow Strain is like smoking a fruit basket, leaving a wonderfully sweet aftertaste. She exhibits the exquisite bittersweet flavor that one would anticipate from a White Widow, along with floral undertones and a hint of citrus.

Its appearance is a magnificent show! The Auto CBD White Widow Strain’s massive, trichome-covered blossoms herald a strong, aesthetically appealing harvest. Each nug is a unique artwork and a portrait of the finest cannabis. It grows very dense, thick buds that are covered with superior resin.


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