Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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It only takes one puff when you first try Bruce Banner to realize why the strain is named after a superhero. You’ll be sympathetic to the Hulk’s transformation due to this strain’s impressive potency because you’ll quickly transition from sober to stoned.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
Dominant: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: 27%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Bruce Banner is the hero you need if you want something to give you a little more confidence. Utilize Crop King Seeds’ premium fast-flowering seeds for several harvests each season. For more information about Bruce Banner Strain Marijuana Seeds and the buds they generate, continue reading. Find out what makes them a useful addition to your weed garden.

What is Bruce Banner Strain?

Bruce Banner does resemble The Incredible Hulk in certain ways. They can both pull your head off your shoulders and are both green. They are also both absurdly strong.

These buds’ name actually couldn’t be more fitting in this regard. The difference is that Bruce Banner marijuana won’t make you jittery or ready to fight; rather, it will have the opposite effect.

On the contrary, you’re more likely to become a couch-bound kitty-cat throughout the duration of the experience!

Bruce Banner also lacks the overpowering aroma and flavor you might anticipate from a strain with such potent face-melting effects. This herb is not quite as threatening as the well-known comic book figure; instead, it is delicate, aromatic, and bursting with luscious berries. But where the two are very similar is in terms of strength. If you get a high-quality batch of these buds, the THC content will be around 27%.

By any stretch of the imagination, this is maybe the best “one hit and quit strain.”

The genetics of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, two of the most extraordinary strains created by current marijuana breeding, were combined to create Bruce Banner. The genetic makeup of the resulting THC-heavy monster favors Sativa somewhat (60 percent Sativa to 40 percent Indica, respectively), yet it’s almost impossible to consume it without passing out.

Take Bruce Banner Strain slowly, though, and she can be a really adaptable strain for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.

The cerebral effects typically start to manifest first, as they do with almost every marijuana strain. Bruce Banner smacks you hard with a joyful pleasure that wraps around your eyes from the very first puff. Next comes the recognizable pressure on the temples, which is swiftly followed by a slight heat of the spine. Huge grins spread, and laughter fits can happen. Your creativity will grow, and you’ll have the energy to put it to use. Excellent for use in the afternoon and early evening when you want to unwind while still being productive.

Growing Information of Bruce Banner Strain

In general, gardeners may find this cultivar to be somewhat difficult. Because of its indica genome, it is resistant to mold and disease. It expands like a regular sativa and needs lots of care to grow. With Bruce Banner Autoflower seeds, none of it occurs.

The non-photoperiod variety looks like a tiny indica. It features a robust stem, substantial colas, and dense but not overly dense foliage. The greenest weed crop there is. Colder temperatures bring forth a magenta hue that enhances the beauty.

Whether you grow outdoors or indoors, you must develop your trimming skills. Although the heavy canopy is manageable, you want all of the buds to grow big and delicious, not just the top ones.

Indoor growers need to monitor their environment’s humidity and temperature. Ideal temperatures range from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in a warm, dry climate. Here, an air-cooled bulb is your ally.

With Bruce Banner Strain seeds, SOG and SCROG training methods function like magic. They enable you to increase yields by utilizing the small stature and slender branches.

Skip it if it’s too chilly or raining outside, gardeners. There is little time for the rapidly growing cannabis herb to recuperate from the effects of cold and humidity.

Keep the feedings substantial in both scenarios. Auto seeds for Bruce Banner are ravenous! Nitrogen, CalMag, and additional phosphorus are necessary during the vegetative stage and during flowering.

If you employed a training approach, you may anticipate receiving 17 ounces per square meter of growing space. Between July and October is the outdoor harvest season, during which you can gather up to 18 ounces of tight nugs per plant.

How to Grow Bruce Banner Strain

While autoflowering strains require little in the way of care and attention, these amazing seeds from will go above and above for you when there is a little bit of knowledge and imagination.

A full-spectrum LED will enhance this beauty’s harvest inside. You don’t even need a light, but a light will increase your yields, so there’s no need to fiddle with timers and temperatures. A Sea of Green (SOG) arrangement will function the same way it would with any conventional seed if you are growing a large number of plants. In the Sea of Green technique, plants are grown close to one another with the undergrowth removed, resulting in a single canopy of colas.

These lovely plants will flower when they’re good and ready, usually two to three weeks after they sprout, so all you have to do is practice your pruning techniques and give them some assistance.

Although a sunny, dry setting is desirable, you don’t need to worry about these plants being susceptible to weather outside. If you have given these little creatures some basic pruning and cleaning, they should be able to give you all the love you had hoped for in just a few weeks. As the season draws to a close, cooler temperatures cause this plant to release anthocyanins, which give her leaves and blooms gorgeous purple hues.

Medical Benefits of Bruce Banner Strain

This variety revolutionized the medical marijuana industry. It demonstrated that cannabis therapy need not be subdued. Pressure discharge is maximized by THC.

The enraged comic book legend is honored by Bruce Banner Strain seeds. Anyone overwhelmed with such wrath is transformed into a laid-back, joyful person by a puff.

The main wellness benefit of this cultivar is relaxing. Today, it’s a favorite among intrepid medical marijuana users and those looking for a strong but incredibly therapeutic high.

The first aspect is the physical. This strain is a potent, effective analgesic because to its 40% indica content (and the presence of OG Kush, the pinnacle of quality indica).

Additionally, it works wonders in reducing nausea and triggering your appetite. It may be effective against minor episodes of sleeplessness once the euphoria wears off.

These qualities are all well and good, but the primary benefit of using this strain for medical purposes is its cerebral benefits. Depression and anxiety symptoms vanish into the smoke you’re inhaling. You’re joyous, carefree, and inspired to live life to the fullest.

Even if you are not experiencing difficulty, the advantages continue. A blunt won’t give you seven PhDs, but the creative, focused sativa-style energy can help you conquer any task you have at hand.

Bruce Banner is a master of marijuana therapy, but it won’t get you sober. Save it at the end of miserable days and nights when you want to unwind. You wouldn’t use it before leaving for work.

With Bruce Banner Strain seeds, wellbeing soars even if you merely smoke for enjoyment. Gardening is really therapeutic, for starters. Second, having a supply on hand can save your life in an emergency. No matter what is happening, a random wild journey of ecstasy will enhance your outlook on life.

Strain Aroma

– The scent bouquet of Bruce Banner Strain seeds is intricate. It is the ideal metaphor for the effects because it is both sweet and stinky. One of its progenitors, OG Kush, is not a sweet strain. It emits smells of skunk, diesel, and moist dirt. The smoke is noticeable because to some citrus flavors on top.

Strain Flavor

– You will enjoy yourself with just one breath. Strong fruit notes with a distinct strawberry sweetness immediately stand out. Additionally, there is a faint diesel undertone, though it is not as strong as the scent. The flavor is remarkably mild overall, especially when you consider how strong the plant is.

Strain Appearance

– Bruce Banner Strain develops a tall main cola that can reach a height of 150 cm, surrounded by a number of side branches, and thin-fingered, relatively large fan leaves that sprout out of nowhere. This variety demonstrates the best of both worlds thanks to careful selection and breeding; it is a generally tall variety with long, uniform side branches that become covered in buds by harvest and a compact structure that enables anyone to grow it, despite its height.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Bruce Banner Strain yield?

– In just under 11 weeks, the enormous Sativa-dominant hybrid Bruce Banner Strain will grow to a height of 150 cm and produce up to 600 gr/m2.

How long does it take a Bruce Banner Strain from seed to harvest?

– From seed to harvest, Bruce Banner Strain plants will require 10 to 14 weeks. With these plants, you may anticipate yields of roughly 5 to 6 ounces per plant inside. They remain short and bushy, making them ideal for a smaller indoor grow area.

Is Bruce Banner hard to grow?

– Bruce Banner 2.0 cannabis seeds are simple to produce and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor gardening. This sativa-indica hybrid creates enormous, gigantic plants with brilliant orange pistils, plenty of olive green nugs, and trichomes.

How tall do Bruce Banner Strains get?

– This tall variety develops multiple flowering sites with bright green buds and a terpene blend of sweet, berries, and diesel that makes for wonderful extractions and leaves a delectable taste coating your mouth after each hit. It takes 10–11 weeks for this plant to mature from seed to harvest.

2 reviews for Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Clint


    I got 5 out 6 seeds to pop, two are runts but three are going to be beasts. At three weeks old they are thick and growing very fast. Thanks for the seeds on short notice.

  2. Avatar for K63d


    Bought these to try something different, and am I glad I did! Nicest I’ve ever grown! Whish I could add a photo…

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