Skunk#1 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Skunk #1 Strain is a notable and much-appreciated hybrid strain that has turned into a highly normal parent strain to numerous top choices. Bringing about a sharp and strong strain that rests on its Indica characteristics. Skunk #1 Strain gives an even arrangement of impacts, making an innovative and calming psyche and body high. Skunk #1 Strain is a power hybrid about equilibrium and joy. Do you like what you hear? Get Skunk#1 Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds to experience it. This endless assortment is appropriate for growers with objectives for both individual utilization and professional achievement. We ensure that you get these seeds of the best and superior grade.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: No data found
Dominant:  65% Indica 35% Sativa
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
CBD Content:  0.2%
THC Content: 10–15%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Skunk #1 Strain?

The autoflowering version of the legendary Skunk#1 strain is known as Skunk#1. It is a Sativa Indica hybrid with a THC level of 10 to 15%. It offers everything a grower and consumer might want, including a quick flowering time, decently thick and sticky buds, and a pleasant and sweet flavor. Really, this strain is a no-brainer. A wave of euphoria rises, giving the user a head high, similar to an original classic Skunk#1. This is a hybrid marijuana strain that has impacted pot on a worldwide scale, nurturing a crowd of Skunk crosses since it previously blossomed in the last part of the 1970s. As its name recommends, Skunk #1 buds transmit an aromatic mix of sour skunkiness and unobtrusive earthy notes. This hybrid has a THC content of 15%-19% that offers raised innovativeness through its high-energy buzz, while stress and appetite loss liquefy away with the Skunk #1 strain’s strength. You should be aware that many users of this strain also experience dry mouth, so drink water only after you eat a snack.

How to Grow Skunk #1 Strain

Skunk #1 was initially made to be reared indoors, but this plant is solid and reasonable for outside development. This hybrid protects from molds and buildup, but it should be kept dry when it is blooming as it may be somewhat more touchy than at that point. Using the usual methods like Lollipopping will definitely result in a greater than-usual harvest. This autoflowering variety can thrive more in both indoor and outdoor setups. Also, both setups can give the same medium amounts of harvest. When developed indoors, it can take 8 to 9 weeks to bloom and be prepared for a reap. This strain can be anticipated to yield around 18 ounces of new bud per square meter planted. Skunk #1, grown outside, can produce 16 ounces of bud for each plant. This hybrid can be anticipated to be prepared for a great collection around the center of October after blooming all through the pre-fall.

Medical Benefits of Skunk #1 Strain

The mental side effects of pressure, restlessness, and mood swings can be treated with Skunk#1. This weed is an energizer and an anxiolytic, assisting with further developing the state of mind and driving out undesirable negative considerations to advance a more sure methodology. Skunk#1 is a famous clinical strain that enjoys a few practical benefits and is popular with individuals who utilize medicinal marijuana (MMJ). This spice’s muscle-unwinding and pain-killing activities can treat the side effects of chronic throbbing pain, including headache. It likewise has pain-relieving and mitigating characteristics. This plant’s loosening-up properties again make it a powerful quieting device for individuals with hyperactivity.

Strain Aroma

The fragrance honors the first Skunk. Its particular skunk fragrance consolidates with its earthy pleasantness to draw in bothers.

Strain Flavor

The buds of Skunk #1 have a particular skunky aroma and a sweet, impactful flavor with hints of zest and pine. This strain is more tasteful for tenderfoots because its yields have a less powerful aromatic scent than its belongings.

Strain Appearance

Crops keep on being dense, with wide internodes that advance wind streams. They have colossal focal colas, clear precious stone coatings, and an energetic mint tone. The pitch covering the nugs’ outside structure makes them yellow and thick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a skunk strain’s origin?

– This genuine reproducing strain is believed to be a cross comprising Afghani, Mexican Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold hereditary qualities. It was the principal settled marijuana hybrid in the Dutch pot world and has been reproduced since 1978.

The amount of THC in skunk weed?

– Skunk #1, otherwise called “#1” or essentially as “Skunk,” has less THC than its standing could recommend: around 15-19% tops. In any case, this stays one of the most popular kinds ever, conceived thirty years prior in Holland, where reproducers crossed different strains from South and Focal America, Thailand, and Afghanistan.

What is Skunk #1?

– Skunk #1 is a hybrid strain that has impacted pot on a world scale, nurturing a crowd of Skunk blends since it previously blossomed in the last part of the 1970s.

Is it hard to grow Skunk #1 Strain?

– The standard techniques, such as lollipops, will unquestionably provide a larger yield than usual. Both indoor and outdoor environments are better suited for this autoflowering variety’s growth. Both configurations can provide roughly the same amounts of harvest.





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