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Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an automatic indica-dominant cannabis strain with moderate THC making it energetic, relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting. This hybrid is a small plant growing only from 60 to 105 cm high but can produce good yields. You will love its berry, blueberry, earthy, pungent, and sweet flavors that will linger longer.

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More About Blue Cheese Autoflower

Highly Resinous with Boosting Effects

The Blue Cheese auto-flowering version is considered as an ideal strain for those cannabis cultivators that just started to grow such a plant but want to guarantee a top standard cannabis flavor. Then you might consider this one; Blue Cheese auto-flowering type is an easy to grow plant that does not demand more growing needs to provide a high-quality resinous bud.

Within 75 days from germination to harvest, the plant can reward you with a generous number of crops with a high-quality flavor and aroma. Blue Cheese auto-flower grows into a medium-sized plant that is ideal for cultivating in an indoor setting if you have enough growing space indoors. In an outdoor environment, it also thrives well if you place it in a spot where it can bask under a temperate climate or even under a greenhouse option.

Growing the plant indoor is required to install an excellent odor control because of the Blue Cheese auto-flower sturdy fragrance. Just the same when cultivating it outdoors, it is necessary to grow in such a condition if your place is quite far from your neighbors because it has a tendency that the smell of the plant can spread throughout the whole place.

The plant usually reaches a height for up to 110 centimeters long and can produce about 400 grams every square meter in an indoor setting after 60 to 70 days from germination into the harvest. While in an outdoor area, Blue Cheese auto-flower can produce up to 150 grams of every plant. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to grow plants that require a usual diet to acquire its beautiful plant.

2 reviews for Blue Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for R. Hayne

    R. Hayne

    Yes, indeed! It smells like cheese and taste sweet. Her smell also did remind me of citrusy fruit like orange. Good for stress relief! She keep me both calm and confident while also energizing me. I nurture this girl and was very pleased of how quickly it grew and made a good harvest. It is not difficult to grow plants outside; all she demand are proper air circulation and plenty of sunlight. It loves nutrients and repays me with ample amounts of stinky weed. You’re the best! I will buy again 🙂

  2. Avatar for Maloney


    This is an outstanding cannabis and easy to grow. Placed her outdoor and gives a decent yield. I cropped some extremely thick nuggets (almost 6.3 ounces/plant). stretches up to 3 feet tall. this herb only need a little care which is good for novice growers. flavor is cheesy with taste of blueberry yummmy!! She made my everyday life relaxing, super chill good smoke for afternoon or evening. her vapor enhance focus and creative ideas suddenly popped up. 100% germination..High-quality!

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