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Cream Candy Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

We’ve been thinking about cream and candy, so we made Cream Candy Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds. This item will satisfy your sweet tooth while simultaneously providing the comfort and stress-free relief of Indica strains. The buds that come from these seeds are very dense and heavy. They will taste like cream sugar or butter. Layers of apple cream and vanilla notes provide a flavor burst. Cream Candy Auto-Fluorescent Marijuana Seeds are ideal for individuals who want to unwind without experiencing sedation. When you buy Cream Candy marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind experience that will become a part of your daily routine! And, to boast, this type of strain is already feminized so there will be no problems encountered in the gender of this strain!

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Deimos x Cream Caramel
Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
CBD Content:  0.7%
THC Content: 19-24%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate


What is the Cream Candy Strain?

Cannabis users regard the Cream Candy Strain as one of the best because it is a cross between Deimos and Cream Caramel. Because it is 90% Indica dominant, Cream Candy is a great option if you want to unwind. The THC content of this Indica-dominant marijuana strain is high at 24%. Don’t expect too much because CBD only makes up a small portion of the strain’s overall composition. The high on this one is strong. It has elements of euphoria that can knock you out, but it’s ideal for people who want to unwind their minds and bodies. For novices, the THC might be a little stronger.

Growing Information on Cream Candy Strain

A lot of people prefer to grow marijuana indoors. After all, it gives you complete control over the environment. You can guarantee that your plants always receive the nutrients they need by doing this. Because Cream Candy Strain is not picky, you’re in luck. In actuality, auto-flowers computerize the developing system, and also this strain is considered feminized so worry no more. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the appropriate conditions and nutrient levels are provided. In the effective event, you can expect 250 to 500 grams or 11 to 17 ounces of powerful marijuana per square meter. If you grow marijuana outdoors, this combination will also delight you. Due to their Indica and Ruderalis genetics, the plants are naturally resistant and suitable for outdoor gardens’ harsh and unpredictable conditions.

How to Grow Cream Candy Strain

Users and cultivators alike frequently rate Candy Cream strain seeds as grade A+. This strain develops very well inside, and numerous producers utilizing the SOG strategy authenticate their exceptional returns. To get the most out of this strain, growers need to pay close attention to the humidity and heat levels in general. This strain will not grow as well in cooler climates because it does best in warm, dry environments. If you have limited space and want to grow indoors, this strain might be a good choice. The leaves of this variety aren’t particularly tall. Growers can use tying down or other bending methods on their branches, which typically have a tendency to be flexible.

Medical Benefits of Cream Candy Strain

Candy Cream participants frequently report feeling less stressed. The strain is said to be an option for people who want to get over depression, anxiety, and conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is also said to be an alternative to standard painkillers. Users claim that it alleviates a variety of bodily discomforts, including muscle aches and migraines. In addition to relaxing, candy cream induces feelings of euphoria and happiness. After a heady, cerebral rush, consumers report that ice cream leaves them with a feeling of being satisfied and satisfied. Frozen yogurt tokers frequently express that they can feel relaxed after a meeting as well as an expansion in hunger. Others attribute the feeling of intense creativity and focus to the Candy Cream strain.

Strain Aroma

This terpene-rich pot wonder succeeds at doing precisely that. Your salivary organs will go into overdrive when the gritty caramel notes begin to show up as the plants begin to sprout.

Strain Flavor

The Strain is always a real treat because its flavor lives up to the high standards of its aroma. And you’re in for just such a treat with this sweet delicacy, which delivers the creaminess with an accent that is almost vanilla-like and stays on the tongue long after you finish eating it.

Strain Appearance

Candy Cream is an Indica-dominant plant that was produced by crossing the strains Blue Black, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. Ice cream has streaks of red, orange, and yellow that make it stand out. It highlights thick buds, alongside plentiful measures of trichomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Cream Candy Strain marijuana take to bloom?

– After flowering for 8 to 10 weeks, Cream Candy seeds produce 14 to 21 oz./m2 of potent marijuana indoors. Outdoor growers can anticipate a harvest of 11–18 ounces after a life cycle of approximately 75 days. of high-quality marijuana per plant.

What is the Cream Candy Strain's average height?

– Because Cream Candy auto seeds are an auto-flowering variety, they are not ideal for novice growers. However, cultivating this hybrid will be a breeze for anyone with even a basic understanding of gardening. Because they are hardy and relatively small, these plants are manageable. The cultivar’s ability to survive in most environments and feminization make growing them even simpler.

Can Cream Candy Strain seeds be grown by novices?

– The Cream Candy Strain is really one of a kind! With its sweet creamy vanilla flavor, it can be really addicting on my part! And also, it is not that hard to grow as long as you will stick to the provided information. This strain has massive yields if propagated properly! This is my third strain to grow in my backyard and I am really enjoying seeing its daily progress. But the best feeling is during harvesting because it is like a reward to be enjoyed for the day!



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