AK-47 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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AK-47 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20 percent. This is a small strain growing only 60 to 70 cm tall but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter of yield indoors and up to 350 grams per plant outdoors. This euphoric, relaxing, energetic, and uplifting strain has pungent, sweet, and earthy flavors you’ll surely love.

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More About AK-47 Autoflower

Auto Version of a Powerful Strain

For those cannabis growers that look for an auto-flowering variety that guarantees a high-standard yield, Ak-47 auto-flowering version is a must-try plant. It is an excellent combination of the AK-47 with the Ruderalis strain to make it an auto-flowering type. The AK-47 will automatically flourish with a short flowering cycle that only takes about 70 days from germination into the harvest.

Beginners in growing cannabis can grow this AK-47 auto-flower effortlessly as it has a high resistance to molds and other common diseases. Most cannabis growers considered this plant as faster and easier to cultivate. It can also grow in different ways, such as indoors in the garden or in the balcony and outdoors as well as in greenhouses.

Growers who prefer to cultivate it indoors, the plant can reach about 60 up to 70 cm tall while outdoors it can reach up to 100 cm tall. Indoor growers may also expect to harvest an enormous yield that reaches about 500 grams every square meter, while for those outdoor growers, expect to harvest about 110 to 160 grams every AK-47 auto-flowering plant. AK-47 commonly develop just the same as most Indica formation, and it has a compact with large foliage of dense light-green buds.

1 review for AK-47 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Winslow


    Has a powerful yet soothing high! once light up, she satisfies me with a fresh earthy taste and sweetness, woody scent greets my nostrils when inhaled. AK-47 encourages me to do physical activities and changes my mood to happier one. I’m always on the go! so lively each day, no worries in mind. She is a strong plant that’s resilient to mildews and diseases, this is suitable for novice growers. Flourish in a warm,sunny climate and grows about 4ft tall. At harvest time, each plant produce 400g – In just 10 weeks. I have a great time! wanna buy again..

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