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10 Best Indica Strains Every Stoner Should Try | Crop King Seeds

10 Best Indica Strains Every Stoner Should Try

Basically, Indica cannabis strains, refer to the psychoactive varieties of cannabis that are discovered in India. The best Indica strains are strains that are sedated physically and are perfect for watching a movie, consume before bed and, very relaxing. An Indica strain is described to be broad-leaf plant, sedative effects and, stout.

What Is Cannabis Indica?

An Indica strain is commonly used for medical or medicinal purposes, and it is believed to treat a specific condition such as those related to inflammation, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Generally, an Indica strain is when used can give relaxation; that’s why many say it can make you fell asleep easier.

A lot of questions, does an Indica strain gives the body high? So here it is, some of the Indica strains are very known to make or deliver heavy-hitter body highs but take note, not all Indica strains. The best Indica strains, when used, can worsen a paranoia of a person, especially when prone to anxiety.

Best Indica Strains for Every Stoner

Following are some of the best Indica strains:

1. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the legendary strains out there with a name that has been recognized even outside the cannabis world, and besides for its fame, the OG Kush’s very exact origin remains a mystery until today.

The name OG Kush of this strain is known to be savage because it stands for “Original Gangster,” and it is an old school building block strain and is known for having a nugget like buds. Its leaves are yellowish-green in a color that is caused by the anthocyanin pigments that are present in OG Kush that is activated when the weather is cold.

2. Skunk #1

When you want some that have the skunkiest cannabis that may offer the Skunk #1 is the best. Skunk #1 is a very relaxing and sedating strain and guesses what it tastes like a skunk and also earthy and pretty sour in taste.

One of the positive sides of Skunk #1 is being good for mood disorders such as depression as well as other problems like chronic pain, fatigue, and migraines. It causes relaxation and uplifts sedation effects on users.

3. Sherbet Queen

A Sherbet Queen is commonly developed by mixing strains such as the Pink Panties and the Sunset Sherbet. It has a fruity smell and tastes like a tropical candy and very sweet. It gives the user a very creative, balanced, relaxed, and body-buzzed feel.

Take note that a Sherbet Queen develops and reaches 80 to 120 cm in indoor growing while in outdoor growing it develops and reaches 140 to 180 cm, and it is recommended in warmer climates when breeding.

4. Ice

When suffering from stress, some pain, trouble in sleeping, anxiety, and, depression Ice is best to help reduce it. Ice strain brings relaxation, euphoric feeling, more focused and, happiness to its users. This marijuana strain is very high in THC and low in CBD.

That’s why it is the ideal and best selection for hardcore recreational stoning, and the psychoactive effect of this strain is generated to target the body. Among other strains, this is not the strongest, but this brings and offers hard-hitting narcotic effects. Ice is perfect for consuming night time and to an evening smoke.

5. Purple Queen

Purple Queen is a 75% Indica-dominant and the breed of a Hindu kush and a purple afghani, consisting of 22% THC and low in CBD. Purple Queen smells like pine and tastes like a lemon. It can give a perfect sensation to the users of this strain. Consider the fact that it gives relaxation, body-buzz, and a euphoric feeling that can help live much lighter.

6. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a 60% Indica-dominant and the breed of cheese and blueberry strains. It has a 19-20% of THC, and for no reason it’s CBD is still unknown. Blue Cheese smells like skunk and tastes like cheese and berry itself.

It gives users strong relaxation and laziness that some users long for. After the use of blue cheese, remember being a monk and meditating with a very deep concentration, and that’s what a blue cheese can make you feel.

7. Bubble Kush

Buy Kush is 80% Indica-dominant and the breed of OG Kush and Bubble Gum. It is 19% in THC and very low in CBD. Bubble Kush is very best to smoke in the evening when serious relaxation is badly needed. The relaxation effect that Bubble Kush had slowly brings the relaxation into sleep and lowers down stress.

8. Northern Light

Northern Light is one of the strains that are almost pure Indica cannabis. This strain has thick and dense buds, and they are easy to grow. The Northern Light is a breed of Afghani and has a THC of 18% with an unknown CBD. Northern Light smells earthy and pungent and tastes like pine and a bit of sweetness. It helps users to be narcotic but sociable and also gives relaxation.

9. Fat Banana

Fat Banana is a crossbreed of a Chiquita Banana and an OG Kush, and it contains a THC of 25% and a very low CBD. Fat Banana smells fruity and tastes like sweet citrus and very tropical. In Fat Banana, it gives users the euphoric strong feeling and relaxation. In this, it helps users forget serious matters.

10. Royal Cookies

Royal Cookie is a unique breed of cannabis strains. This strain is a breed of Cookies forum and an 80% Indica-dominant. It has a 23% THC and very low in CBD. Royal Cookies has a sweet taste and an earthy smell. It gives users the euphoric feeling and brings users to become more sociable. The Royal Cookies are also classified as one of the great mood boosters among all the strains.


Indica is usually best consumed at night time and has a relaxing effect than the Sativa that makes you only energetic. The Indica strain is somewhat better than the Sativa strain. Those cannabis strains that were mentioned above are the best Indica strains that must be tried by stoners for more relaxing cannabis use.


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