Blue Diesel Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genetics are combined to create the autoflowering strain known as Blue Diesel Strain. This variety’s progenitor strains include Auto Blueberry and Auto Biodiesel Mass. When the hybridization procedure was finished, Blue Diesel was created.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: BioDiesel Auto x Blueberry Auto
Dominant: Indica-dominant (50% Indica 40% Sativa 10% Ruderalis)
Flowering Time: 7 – 8 weeks
CBD Content: 0.4%
THC Content: 16%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

It was a genuine miracle that made stoners beam and clear away their smokes with sparkling eyes. The intense blueberry flavor and juicy and sweet blueberry aroma make a wonderful combination. The Blue Diesel Strain has a pleasant, sweet and smooth diesel flavor.

Blue Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds is a must-try due to its high yields both inside and outdoors, as well as its high THC content. Already persuaded? Along with a wide selection of other autoflower seeds, Crop King Seeds offers Blue Diesel Strain Marijuana Seeds for sale.

What is Blue Diesel Strain?

A cross between indica, ruderalis, and sativa genetics makes up the autoflowering variety known as Auto Blue Diesel. This cultivar’s progenitors are Auto Blueberry and Auto Biodiesel Mass. Blue Diesel Strain emerged when the hybridization procedure was finished. Glowing stoners with tears of delight streaming down their cheeks and extinguishing their joints witnessed a wonderful miracle. You might wonder what this miracle is all about. We do have the solutions, though.

“My intellect’s consumed, With Diesel Power,” Prodigy once cried. After hitting that Auto Blue Diesel, it’s clear to see how knowledge is being absorbed by the intellect. The mixture of all recognized cannabis species leaves the user with a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings.

The smoke has a flavor similar to a medicine made from blueberries. One will experience the traditional blueberry indica high while being energized by the diesel power. With its natural indica vibes and mild 16% THC content, Blue Diesel Strain allows users to get amped up while also maintaining their composure while attending a club or expensive party.

While strolling through the nighttime scenery of an exciting city that one is unfamiliar with, one may also think about this strain. The unusual scenery and the lighting will undergo a significant change.

Growing Information of Blue Diesel Strain

Due to its simplicity in production, blue diesel marijuana is ideal for beginning growers. This autoflowering variety, which has Ruderalis genetics, may blossom without the light cycle being altered. It does well in a Mediterranean climate both inside and outside.

This strain’s blooms release enticing smells, which is a pleasurable experience for growers. The flowers fully mature after 7 to 8 weeks of cultivation when grown indoors. In the meantime, this strain is ready to be harvested when grown outdoors by late September or early October.

How to Grow Blue Diesel Strain

Due to its strong tolerance to molds, pests, and mildew, Blue Diesel is a variety that both experienced and beginning growers can successfully cultivate. Although it may flourish in both indoor and outdoor environments, it performs best in sunny, Mediterranean climes. Despite having a slight Indica tendency, it still yields heavily, especially if the growing area is designed to be as Blue Diesel-friendly as possible. You can anticipate an average yield of 250g to 300g from Blue Diesel in just seven to eight weeks.

Medical Benefits of Blue Diesel Strain

Since medical marijuana patients frequently chose Blue Diesel as the strain to help them manage their existing conditions, it has established a solid reputation as an effective medical strain. It is most known for its effectiveness in treating stress and depression since it has the power to free your mind of anxiety and just innately improves your mood and fosters a positive outlook. Its qualities are also well suited for treating chronic pain, easing inflammations such muscle spasms and arthritis, and lowering the intensity of headaches, migraines, and similar sensations because it is mostly an indica strain.

Strain Aroma

– Given its diesel roots, Blue Diesel is a strain that you wouldn’t expect to have such a lovely scent. Unexpectedly, Blue Diesel has a mild blueberry scent with a trace of diesel. Its aroma can be characterized as enticing, with a very sophisticated blend of just the right amount of sweetness and sourness, along with some earth notes, producing a strong scent that diffuses and lingers in the air for a considerable amount of time.

Strain Flavor

– Blue Diesel has a strong aftertaste and flavors that are a sweet blend of blueberries and berries. Blue Diesel is a popular strain because of its all-around flavor and aroma.

Strain Appearance

– During their vegetative phase, Blue Diesel plants typically reach a medium height. The strain’s autoflowering variation has a compact size, nonetheless, that is smaller than almost other indica plants. The buds and the surrounding leaves are a darkish green color with scattered white trichomes. The deep purple pistils that are encircling the buds will catch your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Diesel Autoflower?

– A cross between indica, ruderalis, and sativa genetics makes up the autoflowering variety known as Auto Blue Diesel. This cultivar’s progenitors are Auto Blueberry and Auto Biodiesel Mass. Auto Blue Diesel emerged when the hybridization procedure was finished.

Is Blue Diesel indica or Sativa?

– Blueberry and NYC Diesel were crossed to create Blues City Diesel, commonly referred to as Blue Diesel or New Blue Diesel. It has a high THC content of about 23% on average, is 60% Indica, and a low CBD content of less than 1%.

How does Blue Diesel make you feel?

– The strong scent has a soft, sweet smoke and a little berry scent. The flavor is an odd mix, with distinct undertones of blueberry and even a touch of cotton candy. The quick-acting stone will make users feel at ease and content, and the euphoria that it induces will be quite pleasant.


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