Auto CBDV Afghani Marijuana Seeds

The Afghani CBDV Auto hybrid strain is a cross between a high-CBD Cannatonic parent strain and an aged Afghani landrace. It has short, sturdy structures, deep purple and green leaves, and stronger Indica genes. Users and growers alike adore the strain for its irresistible flavor, rapid flowering, resinous buds, and substantial yield. Additionally, it can alleviate a variety of mental and physical pains and it reduces anxiety and depression. This cannabis is ideal for both novice and experienced breeders because it only requires minimal cultivation expertise. Would you like to hear more? Try Afghani CBDV Auto Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds. This current variety is suitable for growers aiming for professional and personal success. We guarantee that these seeds are of the highest possible quality.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Landrace Afghani x Cannatonic
Dominant:  Indica-dominant
Flowering Time:  7-11 weeks
CBD Content: 7% – 11%
THC Content: 8% – 9%
Growing Difficulty: Easy-Moderate


What is the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain?

By combining a Cannatonic strain with a high CBD content and Afghani, an ancient crossbred strain, the Auto CBDV Afghani strain was created. The mountainous region of Afghanistan, where some of the oldest cannabis strains are thought to have originated, is where Afghani got its name. This is one of the many varieties available. Because it is a strain that grows quickly and easily, it is ideal for novice growers who have little to no previous experience. It will give you a potent psychedelic high due to its CBD content of 7 to 11 percent. It not only improves mood but also aids in mental clarity. Additionally, it aids in project collaboration and the development of novel concepts. CBD from Afghanistan slowly enters the bloodstream. It doesn’t drag a used-down effect to a euphoric peak like a traditional hybrid.

Growing Information on Auto CBDV Afghani Strain

The perfect Indica/Sativa hybrid is Afghani CBDV. Pests, molds, and other diseases resist this short plant’s easy-to-moderate growth process. It blooms quickly and only takes about seven to eleven weeks on average. It yields a significant quantity of aromatic and flavorful buds. It is possible to cultivate Afghani CBDV Auto indoors or outdoors. Because plants can thrive in conditions of constant temperature and humidity, indoor cultivation is more popular. As the plant emits strong odors, you should also set up an odor management system. The yield for indoor growers ranges from 280 to 350 grams per square foot. The plant thrives in both warm and cold conditions when grown outdoors. However, due to the plant’s strong aroma, sneaky breeders are advised to install a carbon filter. Growers are rewarded with up to 350 grams of usable buds per plant during harvest, which occurs in late September and early October.

How to Grow Auto CBDV Afghani Strain

This marijuana prefers to be planted in a controlled area with constant temperatures and humidity if grown indoors. In addition, air ventilation is required to control the strong odor that emanates from this marijuana plant. When harvesting indoors, anticipate collecting 250–350 grams per square meter. You should anticipate harvesting this marijuana in late September or early October with a yield of 350-500 grams of fresh bud per plant. When grown outdoors, this marijuana could thrive in both cold and warm conditions.

Medical Benefits of Auto CBDV Afghani Strain

Medically, its high CBD content provides users with additional movement, pain, appetite, and memory therapeutic benefits. Cannabinoids are effective for pain relief, inflammation reduction, depression, stress reduction, and anxiety reduction. Additionally, it increases weight gain by stimulating appetite. This cannabis relieves chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting. Additionally, it relaxes tense muscles, making it ideal for people with multiple sclerosis. It is also said to help people who have trouble sleeping.

Strain Aroma

Auto CBDV Afghani is a delicious strain thanks to its fruity flavor profile and sweet grape notes. The smoke is soothing to the throat and lungs and has a medicinal consistency.

Strain Flavor

This cannabis strain, which is typical of an Afghani landrace, has an exceptional earthy blue cheese aroma, a blueberry grape flavor, and a hint of creamy cheese on the exhalation.

Strain Appearance

This strain covered in resin has tiny, round, and fluffy nuggets that shine brightly in shades of forest green and gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow Auto CBDV afghani strain?

– It’s a tough plant that does well in cold weather. It must conceivably be able to withstand changes in the climate. It ought to be tolerant of insignificant errors made by growers. Auto CBDV Afghani is unfortunately not suitable for home cultivation.

What are the expected negative effects of this strain?

– A dry throat has been linked to using the Auto CBDV Afghani Strain as a side effect. In some instances, the eyes are also involved. The consumption of marijuana is likely to cause these mild effects. Headaches and dizziness are two signs and symptoms.

Is CBDV AFghani an Indica or Sativa?

– Auto CBDV Afghani is a heavy Indica hybrid that was created as a high-CBD variant of Afghani, the original landrace strain. Through a lengthy process of genetic engineering, this variant has a ratio of 60% Indica to 40% Sativa, giving the effects of this weed a cerebral edge.





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