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Control Pests from Preventing Marijuana Seeds Growth | Crop King Seeds

How to Control Pests from Preventing Marijuana Seeds Growth?

Control Pests

It is very encouraging for breeders and cannabis growers alike to be able to finally harvest their hard earned cannabis plants. For them being cannabis growers and cannabis breeders, that would be the greatest achievement. However, it is also unfortunate that they are not the only one benefiting from the said harvest. In fact, prior to harvest, most pests and other insects may have harmed the condition of your plant. Thus, one must be able to observe methods so as to prevent insects from harming your marijuana plant.

How to Prevent Pests from Attacking your Cannabis?

Probably the best step in order to avoid insects and pests from touching your valued cannabis is to ensure that these elements will not be able to go near them in the first place. You may use various insecticides or spray all corners of the plant especially those in the wall seams. For larger crops, a bug bomb is most preferable.

How to keeps pests away without use of chemicals?

Most growers would insist that using chemical to shun off insects may just hurt the condition of the marijuana seeds as well. It is of this reason that people and growers use other convenient methods such as greenhouse system, hydroponic system or even aeroponic systems. This is the best way for cannabis plants to grow and at the same time prevent pests from infecting as there is no longer any room for larvaes to incubate and hatch in such said set up.

Should cleanliness also matter?

Cleanliness indeed matter. Indeed, one should make sure that the room in which the cannabis plants are being grown should be spic and span. One must not let any potential elements to harm your plant or in any way give room for pests to hide, grow, or nest in these areas.


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