Sweet Tooth Regular Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Tooth Regular Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica strain with high yields and early flowering. It is tall up to 180 cm high and can produce up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. You’ll be rewarded with berry, flowery, sweet, and herbal-flavored buds in just 8 weeks. This is a euphoric and sedating strain ideal for pain, stress, and inflammation.

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More About Sweet Tooth

Delightfully Sweet Cannabis

For those who love a sweet kind of strain must try these Sweet Tooth regular hybrids, its unique flavor will guarantee every consumer to experience such delight and pine berry taste. Sweet Tooth offers great benefits in both recreational as well as medicinal use. It is not only delightful for those cannabis consumers but also in growers due to its high-quality buds with a great number of yields.

Aside from that, Sweet Tooth can even be survived in colder surroundings outdoors and can withstand the common mistakes of a novice grower. The plant itself also has a high resistance against common diseases as well as molds. Sweet Tooth produces a thick cover of snowy trichomes that have a stunning potency. It commonly reaches a medium height about 3 to 6 feet tall that thrives in any given environment, though it prefers outdoor surroundings.

In controlled areas indoors, the plant can produce around 350 up to 450 grams every square meter after 65 to 70 days of the flowering period. While outdoors, it produces around 500 to 600 grams of every plant and can be harvested during the month of October.


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