Original Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

(23 customer reviews)

Original Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds is a very prominent cannabis strain with high yields, faster flowering, and delicious skunk, diesel, and pungent flavors. It is an average-sized plant that can produce good yields ideal for growing indoors or outdoors. It is a medicinal strain as well as it can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

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23 reviews for Original Skunk Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Eduardo Melo

    Eduardo Melo

    When you are looking for the best strain, I think this is one I suggest. Good for relaxation and very calm effect. Also no problem with growing system. Nice one Cropking!

  2. Avatar for Rose Portus

    Rose Portus

    Got a great Skunk Seeds. I got no problem with germination. It went well. The buds are super beautiful. I highly recommended this one!

  3. Avatar for Justin Reed

    Justin Reed

    This has to be the best plant I have grown hands down from the size to the look to the aroma coming from the tent. The smell of this weed is absurd! Potent and pungent this weed has a great uplifting high that makes you very energetic and talkative not much of a burnout. Hats off to Crop King Seeds for producing some outstanding genetics.

  4. Avatar for Jonathan Rogers

    Jonathan Rogers

    Easy to grows but you need to pay attention in watering the plant because it drys up fast. I think this plant is better to grow outdoor than indoor. Had a fun time growing this girl. Her aroma while trimming was amazing. Everything smells flowery and lemon skunk.

  5. Avatar for Albert Morris

    Albert Morris

    This grow went really well right up until the end when she got a deficiency. All in all I am more than happy with this daytime smoke helps get shit done and it smells so strong of skunk hard to carry in public without being noticed. Never even mind smoking it in public because everyone turn their heads very fast!

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