Haze Xtreme Regular Marijuana Seeds

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This strain has a distinctive flavor and aroma that can keep users focused and productive throughout the day. Whether you smoke or vape the strain, its seductive flavor alleviates pain and stress. The straightforward growth pattern of Haze Xtreme strain seeds is suitable for growers of all levels, and the strain’s enormous yields will make you want to grow more. Furthermore, the Haze Xtreme strain will give you a couple of strong long periods of scholarly and hallucinogenic highs that will work on your everyday exercises at home or work. This potent strain will be most beneficial to seasoned smokers.

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Strain Profile Info

Parents: Original Haze x Cheese
Dominant: 70% Sativa 30% Indica
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
CBD Content: 0.65%
THC Content: 18-22%
Growing Difficulty: Easy-moderate

What is the Haze Xtreme Strain?

Haze Xtreme is a hybrid strain that is primarily Sativa-dominant. It was created by crossing the renowned Original Haze x Cheese strains. This strain’s name says it all: a potent, hazy high. You’ll be completely out of it, but you’ll be thrilled about it for hours. In addition to being enjoyable, experts offer novice smokers guidance on how to be responsible smokers. This strain is not difficult to develop and sprouts currently in only 8-10 weeks. An elevated onset will occur as soon as you exhale, putting you into a tingling state of intense focus and energy. You will be able to effortlessly converse with the people around you as this tingly lift is accompanied by an increase in your friendliness as well as your creativity. This strain is unquestionably dangerous, with a THC content of between 18 and 22 percent.

Growing Information of Haze Xtreme Strain

Haze is well-known for its lengthy growth period, which can last up to 14 weeks when grown indoors before it is ready for harvest. Despite this, Haze has become one of the most popular strains in the industry. Haze is not the best strain for novice growers seeking a quick reward for little effort due to its longer-than-average growth time. Consider growing your Haze plants at home only if you are willing to put in a little extra time and effort for a big payoff in the end.

How to Grow Haze Xtreme Strain

Although haze plants can be kept outside, they need a warm climate similar to Santa Cruz and the area around it, where the strain was created. Haze plants can also be grown indoors, where you have much more control over the temperature, for those who live in colder climates. Although most molds that can harm and hinder the growth of cannabis plants are resistant to haze plants, as with any plant, it is always a good idea to check your plant’s leaves frequently.

Medical Benefits of Haze Xtreme Strain

Upbeat effects of the strain significantly lower the risk of developing mental illnesses like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, Haze Xtreme is an excellent method for improving concentration and creativity. This is advantageous for ADHD sufferers. Additionally, stress will improve your overall mood if you are having trouble completing any work-related tasks. As is the case with many Sativa strains, when consumed as medicinal cannabis, Haze Xtreme is more focused on the patient’s mental health. People frequently use Haze Xtreme to manage depression symptoms.

Strain Aroma

The emerald green nugs of Haze Xtreme’s buds are compact and dense. They also have strong orange hairs, a thick layer of massive white crystal trichomes, and dark purple undertones.

Strain Flavor

The Haze Xtreme has a floral, sweet, and creamy flavor. The scent is similar to that of creamy cheese, with a whiff of fresh earth and hints of mildly spicy flowers and herbs.

Strain Appearance

When grown properly, Haze Xtreme’s leaves will turn a deep purple. This plant gives out popcorn-sized, delicate, light buds that are covered in wet, white trichomes. It also has hash brown hairs sticking out of its buds, giving it a smokey, rusty appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What negative effects does Haze Xtreme have?

On the off chance that ingested in high amounts, Dimness Xtreme might make troublesome side impacts. Mild discomforts such as dry eyes and mouth are normal. By drinking enough water, you can avoid or reduce them. A high intake can cause anxiety, nausea, and exhaustion. If this is your first time using this strain, be careful.

How do you feel about Haze Xtreme?

The high THC content reduces some pain and discomfort and soothes the body. The muscles can recover from any daily activities because they become more relaxed. However, keep in mind that for some novices, it may become too confusing. They may even develop episodes of paranoia and anxiety if they do not receive treatment for their illnesses.

Is Xtreme Sativa or indica?

Cheese and Original Haze were crossed into the haze Xtreme. This variety is mostly described as Sativa dominant and has a powerful high.

58 reviews for Haze Xtreme Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Tear Gas

    Tear Gas

    I got my seeds today. Will germinate them soon. Thank you very much for the quick delivery.

  2. Avatar for Domenik Milton

    Domenik Milton

    My number is 678 761 5033 please contact me I would like to make a purchase.

  3. Avatar for Daniel


    I got my seeds within a week in the USA. Very quick Crop King Seeds. You are the best! Lisa is a superb customer service rep. Really awesome company.

  4. Avatar for Smith


    thanx for the fast service and extra seeds.germination was good.looking healthy and good.about 3 weeks to flower.i will let you know how they finish.i will be getting my next seeds from Crop King Seeds.

  5. Avatar for Sara


    Ordered within Canada ($10 Shipping), received item 4 business days after order was placed, received in an unmarked bubble envelope, product packaged very nicely inside the envelope. Thanks!

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