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White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. This hybrid results from crossbreeding Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica strains, leaning more towards the Sativa side.

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Additional Information

With a THC content ranging from 15% to 25%, it’s a hard hitter, providing an uplifting and euphoric experience. The manageable CBD content, ranging from 0.5% to 1%, makes it even more appealing, offering a balanced high. White Widow Strain is known for its ease of cultivation, thriving in 8 to 10 weeks. Whether you prefer Autoflowering, Regular, or CBD varieties, there’s an option for everyone. If you want to get your hands on these seeds, consider Crop King Seeds Canada, known for offering a wide selection of premium cannabis seeds and excellent customer service. They’re one of the best cannabis seed banks around.

Description of White Widow Strain

White Widow strain is a captivating cannabis strain resulting from a delightful union between Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica strains. With its Sativa-dominant genetic makeup, it’s known for its refreshing and uplifting effects. White Widow boasts a CBD content of around 0.5-1% and a potent THC range of 15-25%, making it a hard-hitting strain beloved by medical and recreational users. Many awards have been given for the White Widow strain, including the first High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. It finished second in the Copa Cannabica Del Plata that year. It has also received a few other honors after its release. Since the White Widow Strain was specifically developed to have a high trichome count, it is highly valued for creating hash.

This White Widow Strain’s crystal-coated buds are a sight to behold, and its effects are equally impressive. White Widow provides a euphoric cerebral high that enhances creativity and mood. Additionally, its Indica lineage lends soothing body relaxation, making it versatile for various purposes. Whether seeking relief from pain or simply enjoying a pleasurable high, White Widow Strain is a fantastic choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Strain Effects

The strain known as White Widow is recognized for its lively and energizing effects that give users a euphoric feeling. Following consumption, consumers frequently describe experiencing increased energy and raised spirits, resulting in a profound euphoric sensation. Because of its distinctive combination of effects, this White Widow Strain is favored among creative types and those looking for inspiration. This strain’s exhilaration is uplifting and adds to a feeling of general well-being.

Its energizing attributes might help you get through the day, encouraging productivity and an upbeat outlook. White Widow’s effects will keep you occupied, upbeat, and motivated, whether working on imaginative tasks or simply trying to improve your mood. Its reputation as the strain to turn to for a joyful and revitalizing cannabis experience is well-deserved, given its capacity to boost the soul and stimulate the mind.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance of White Widow Strain

The strain’s unique terpene composition, which includes Myrcene, Delta 3 Carene, Camphene, Phellandrene, and Pinene, contributes to the complexity of its aroma and the possible effects. These terpenes give the strain aromas of citrus, pine, and earth that improve the sensory experience.

The flavor profile creates a sensory voyage that enthralls the palate, which is a harmonious symphony of woody, earthy, herbal, aromatic, and spicy components. The perfume of White Widow Strain is stinging, ammonia-like, and has a smidgen of earthy pine. A more hashy, incense-like aroma is produced when buds are split open. The buds of this variety are big, conical-shaped, and tapering. More Sativa than Indica, the flower’s bud structure has a loose, fluffy texture that, although sticky, can be broken apart easily.

It has large, crystal-trichome-coated buds that make it an equally appealing appearance. This strain is more beautiful on the outside thanks to its glistening trichomes that resemble frosty dusting. The trichomes are responsible for the resin’s stickiness, which sticks to the fingers and indicates the strain’s potency and visual beauty.

70 reviews for White Widow Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Vickie Ford

    Vickie Ford

    I bought these a few years back for an indoor grow and it was like someone poured elmers glue overtop. It was my first time growing indoor and I’ve never seen buds stickier. I am thinking of growing outdoors this year to see if I get the same result.

  2. Avatar for Chase


    Excellent seeds, germinated 4/5, keeping one for next season. Followed the instructions exactly and they all germinated quickly. The outdoor plants grew to a healthy 6ft. with buds everywhere. One seed to my surprise is a sativa plant that must have gotten mixed in during packaging. This plant is HUGE. 12ft up and 10ft across with buds covering every branch. I am totally impressed with the quality of these seeds.

  3. Avatar for Adam


    AMAZING SEEDS!!! All 10 germinated and were started in an indoor grow tent around roughly May 5th. Just transplanted and moved outside today, June 25th. They will be grown inside an open air south facing lean-to greenhouse (clear polycarbonate roof panels, sides wrapped in 2” chicken wire, 14 ft length, 8 ft width, rear wall 8.5 ft tall, front wall 6 ft tall). Plants are healthy, thick, and strong. Very pungent smell from them. Looks like this is going to be an amazing summer for growing!

  4. Avatar for Gregg Ald

    Gregg Ald

    Germinated all 5 seeds received from my order 5 seeds 100% germination and things have been moving along smoothly this small young lady appears to be fair ripping along, again the seedling stage is beautiful slow so not much to report truly. great growth so distant and light watering we just need to put in the time to see her genuine colours!

  5. Avatar for DALE


    Bought my crop king white widows 3 years ago, have been cloning from that time, growing under sodium halide 400, great results, been getting 3 foot plants that roll over from the weight. Resulting in secondary bud development, unfortunately my mother turned last summer and I finished her children in November. Would recommend C KINGS to any budding grower, my results have been great and will be looking to attain more feminized seed going forward, Thanks Crop King, only dissapointment was the closing of your outside sales at your HQ, How about a list of local affiliates, I know there out there.

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