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Green Dream Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Green Dream Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are a harmonious fusion of Blue Dream and Green Crack, forming an Indica-dominant hybrid with approximately 20% THC.

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    Additional Information

    This strain caters to both cannabis novices and connoisseurs, delivering a serene physical high while keeping the mind in a euphoric state. Its appeal goes beyond the effects, as it boasts delightful flavors, fluffy buds with light orange pistils, and glistening trichomes, making it an aesthetically pleasing and flavorful choice among cannabis enthusiasts. Green Dream Strain is available in various forms, including autoflowering options, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable cannabis journey. Discover this unique experience at Crop King Seeds Canada, your trusted source for quality cannabis seeds.

    Description of Green Dream Strain

    The Green Dream Strain is a well-balanced hybrid, composed of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, and is believed to be a hybrid of the renowned Green Crack and Blue Dream strains. This strain’s unique appeal lies in its versatility, as it caters to both Indica and Sativa enthusiasts, offering a long-lasting high and a distinctive aroma that combines citrus and floral notes. With a THC level of 20%, the Green Dream Strain delivers a potent and enjoyable high suitable for both experienced users and newcomers to the world of cannabis. Furthermore, it features a comfortable 0.6% CBD content, enhancing the strain’s relaxing effects without overshadowing the overall experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis user or a beginner, the Green Dream Strain offers a well-rounded and enjoyable journey through the world of cannabis.

    Strain Effects

    The Green Dream Strain is celebrated for its versatile effects, catering to a broad spectrum of users. It stands out with its cerebral high, sparking creativity and imaginative thinking—a perfect choice for artists, writers, and those in need of a creative boost. This strain not only fuels creativity but also induces profound euphoria, promoting social interaction and shared moments of inspiration. As the high subsides, the energy transforms into a relaxing state that soothes both body and mind without inducing fatigue. Uplifting and joyful, the Green Dream Strain leaves you with a profound sense of happiness and contentment, making it an excellent choice for a mid-afternoon session, offering a delightful and inspiring break from your daily activities.

    Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

    The Green Dream Strain offers a delightful sensory experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Its appearance showcases fluffy buds with light orange pistils, reminiscent of cannabis clouds. The strain’s terpene profile includes Pinene for a refreshing piney twist, Myrcene for herbal and earthy notes, Caryophyllene for a touch of spiciness, and Valencene and phellandrene for subtle citrus and herbal accents. The substantial buds are generously coated with frosty trichomes, hinting at its potency. What truly sets it apart is the unique appearance resembling miniature cypress trees. The flavor profile is a medley of citrus, sweetness, pine, and woody notes, enhanced by blueberry and fruity hints. This well-balanced blend provides a sensory delight akin to sipping on a fruity green tea in the afternoon.


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